Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Party

Today was our preschool Easter Party. For some reason, I was so stressed over this, but it went actually pretty good. Besides being a huge workout and sweating like crazy by the end, it was a lot of fun.

I made these little hats for each kid. The ears were a bit floppy so I had to keep fixing them throughout the party. We'll have to fix that for next year.

All the anxious kids.

Each kid brought 10 eggs-there was 140 eggs to hide. It was a lot of fun to watch.

This is one of crafts we did. Easy cutting project and they decided on putting the bow below or above to make it a girl or boy.

Another craft that was a lot cuter than I thought it would be. I saw this on another blog and wanted to give it a try. Kids loved it!

This is something we did earlier this week. Kids took home a blank egg to decorate and brought it back to decorate our Easter Tree. Looks pretty festive huh? I love how my door doubles as a bulletin board.

So all my stress was really for nothing. It was a lot of fun and kids were kept busy. Now on to the next Easter fun!

Du West Concert

On Monday evening, we went to Tucson to go to my brother-in-law Lan's Dental Office Open House. In honor of it, the country group Du West performed a private concert for those that attended. We went and it was way bigger and better than we ever could have expected. We've loved this group for a long time and Brad is from Thatcher and is Lan's good friend and a good friend of the family, so it was neat to get a picture with them. For some reason, Cambree freaked out.

Here's the man of the hour, Lan- his Dental Office is gorgeous!!

Here's a shot of the group that showed up. We heard something like 500 showed up.

Ridge sport'n the Du West shirt

April and Quinn enjoying the concert

This place was great. The kids ran forever. They LOVED it!!

These kids are so funny together!

It was a great night. Congrats Lan! and thanks Du West for the awesome concert.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Update on Brecklynn and Kids

So update time, first on the kids as a group and then as Brecklynn.

So the kids are so fun to watch. For instance tonight the kids were all about 'saving' each other. Curtis would attack them and they would take turns saving each other from their daddy and yelling "Save me Cambree" or "Save me Ridgey". Its so funny to watch. Cambree will literally drag Ridge across the floor and he just lays there as he's being 'saved'.

I noted this earlier but the kids play pretend all the time and play mom and dad. They will ask things like "mom can I go outside". I've made the HUGE mistake of answering a couple of times and gotten yelled at because I'm not the right mom. They love to play restaurant with each other and fake eat. I think all the time that they are actually eating and begin to scold them for getting into food, and they are just really playing-they're pretty good fakers :)

Every night there seems to be a wind up period and its like we just gave them a handful of sugar. They literally run EVERYWHERE in the house and are jumping off the couch, on our bed, back and forth through the kitchen. Curtis usually will get involved too which doesn't help calm them down by any means, but its fun to watch.

They love to sing together. I have noted that Ridge loves to sing, but throw Cambree in the mix and you might as well forget about hearing anything around you. They are loud and proud.

They are very cute to watch them say sorry or just want to give each other a hug and kiss. They are still at the willing stage. Wonder when that will end but Ridge is cute about it. Cambree has started to really get into kissing which has been pretty funny at times. Cambree has watched too many princess movies. She wants the passionate move your head everywhere kiss and its quite hilarious. Even when you give her a good night kiss, she will grab your head and make sure its a good one. We'll have to curb that soon but for now its ok and I'll take it in.

Unfortunately this is the best picture I got of all three. It is so stink'n hard to get a good group shot. Some day....

Brecklynn wasn't cooperating-nor was my camera so this was it for her. There isn't much to update on her since I just did her 8 month post. Still stink'n cute and loving it!!

Ridge's Update

My little Ridgey-where to start

Ridge is truly a crack up. All boy!!

He loves to sing. He still sings Happy Birthday, Jingle Bells or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but now we can add "Follow the Prophet" and "Popcorn popping"and "I am a Child of God"

He is officially in my preschool full-time which has been an interesting venture. He is great in there, but also one of my hardest. He loves the kids and songs and doing the crafts but he doesn't understand that the way he plays, or the things he likes, isn't necessarily what everyone else likes and quickly becomes the person everyone fights with. So he's still my little bully of the class and yet half the age and size. Kind of funny. He's a smart cookie though. He can count to 10 and tries to 20.

Play fighting is truly a love of his. Whether with fists or whatever he can make into a sword. He once said that he has a bog sword like Peter Pan. Luckily he's still soft when he hits. I worry for the day that might come when he will hit harder and cause real harm. For now, its funny. I know I will probably eat my words very soon. He always starts or runs saying "You wanna bight"-

He truly believes that his name is Ridgey and not Ridge. Thanks Cambree :) He's huge into pretend. It is HILARIOUS to watch him with his little dinosaur on his hand. He will start yelling at his own hand for doing something. He pretends he's a tractor all the time. The other night he was picking up and we couldn't figure out why he was doing it the way he was-he was using his arm like a tractor bucket and literally scooping up the things he was cleaning like he was the bucket. It was cracking us up. To top it off, he was making the noises with it.

I've said it before, but Ridge and Brecklynn are so cute to watch. He loves his bebe as he puts it. He will watch her and make sure she isn't putting anything in her mouth she shouldn't be. Can make her laugh like no one else.

He is my early riser by far. My two girls will usually sleep in till at least 6:30, but somtimes later. Ridge is usually up at 5:15-6:00 the latest. Why I still can't figure it out. Scares me with the summer coming and how he'll be. He also still gets up once, sometimes twice a night for no reason. Sometimes I think its a bad dream because he's crying about Cambree hitting him, or his arm getting hurt etc. Other times its hard to know why he wakes up.

Spiderman is his new love. I doubt anything will ever take over his love for Tractors, but we can now add spiderman to the list.

Most words like Spiderman start with a 'B' is Ridgey terms. So Spiderman is Biderman. Like Fire Truck-bire truck, or sword-bord

He's my sweet tooth. He's always asking for candy or juice. Healthy stuff just doesn't go with him. He loves gum.

Cambree and him play pretend a lot, and its funny to me how he always wants to be the 'mom' or 'the princess'. Ticks Cambree off :) There's times where you can convince him to play the right role, but he's adamant at times of playing the female role.

Ridge has mastered the art of 'dying'. Not sure I should really brag about it, but its hilarious to watch. Cambree will tell him she got him and he dramatically will fall to the ground like he's dead. Or if he gets 'shot' he will throw himself to the ground and make a huge 'uhh' sound.

Now more than ever, we are constantly getting people asking us if we dyed his hair because it is so dark. Ridge has a great little memory and won't let something he likes go. So he still talks about Disneyland all the time and asks to go there all the time, but now we can add the Zoo that list and seeing giraffes and the elephants.

These pictures were fun. He's so easy to photograph. He will laugh at anything and has the cutest smile. I love it.

Update on Cambree

Its been awhile since I did single updates on the kids, so I thought I would take the opportunity to do so.

Today Cambree gave her first talk in primary. I have never seen a more eager little girl. She LOVED it. And she did AWESOME!! I was so worried she'd be the type to be all excited up until she gets to the actual moment and then freaks out, but she surprised me. It was so cute watching her up on the stand getting ready, she was all smiles and waving to everyone she could see.

She also turning more and more into a little adult. Kind of scary. But I love it too. She helps keep the peace with Brecklynn and Ridge and comforts them if they need it. She helps Ridge take of his shoes or get him water. A little mom :) She loves playing with Ridge. They can play for hours alone laughing at each other laughing. Cambree loves outside still and first thing in the morning asks if she can go outside.

She loves to eat yogurt and cantaloupe. If you let her, she would choose to eat that all day every day. She hates new food but then she'll try it and she LOVES it-in her words. Always a battle with food with her.

Her favorite movies right now is: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Prince and the Frog, Spidermand, and Nim's Island. She also loves to watch that series called Life (about animals). She's an eager learner still and so mature for her little age.

Her hair is probably the longest I have ever allowed it to get and I'm debating on whether to cut it or leave it. I hate this decision. But the great thing is she's cute either way. We are constantly being told how beautiful and striking she is.

Scary for me to think that she is turning 4 in May and only has 1 more year of preschool, then I have a kindergardener.

Taking the pictures below, Cambree just knew the way she wanted to pose. Cracked me up. I seriously wonder where she comes from at times.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Brecklynn 8 months

Brecklynn is 8 months-actually it was on the 21st so we're a bit late but oh well. I was wanting to get her picture taken but this week has been HECTIC so hasn't been time and today, well its blowing like a tornado outside so there's no chance for that. So these pics will have to do.

Brecklynn is doing so much this month.
She started clapping
She sticks her tongue out ALL the time
She says yes with her head and nod very exaggerated. Looks like she's head banging a lot.
She is so close to crawling, and could if she really tried but just won't. She is on her knees all the time but won't move her legs. She's crawled a few 'steps' but that's it.
She LOVES her siblings. They can make her laugh like no other.
She loves outside and playing in the grass and going on walks
She's an early riser. Depending on the day, she's up around 6:15 for the day-yeah me!!
Still refuses babyfood and about to give up completely on it.
Says "a-Da-Da" a lot.
Her cry is unbearable- not in the way that I hate to hear my baby cry, but literally, her cry is ear piercing. Kind of annoying. She goes from nothing to blood curdling crying in 0-60.
She can go from laying to sitting by herself very well.
Her hair is getting darker and longer
Her eyes are multi-colored and I love it!
Oh, and the big news, she got her first too on Wednesday the 24th. She is my first horrible teether where she is crying like she is in pain. I think she might be even getting tooth #2.
She loves to head butt and attack you with open mouth kisses

I love seeing her get so much more personality. I LOVE IT!!

This is the head butt that she always does and its so cute

The lovely tongue- not the best picture but it showcases that tongue:)

Ladybug and Butterflies

In preschool, we got to raise ladybugs and butterflies. We watched them change from little beetles to ladybugs and caterpillars to butterflies. It was really neat to watch over the past couple of weeks. Cambree and Ridge loved looking at them daily. Today we let them go. The kids were so excited about it.

They all circled round to watch the butterflies fly away

The ladybugs didn't seem to want to leave so we let them stay outside while we finished preschool.

I will definitely do this from now on. What an experience, to watch these creatures change before your eyes. LOVE IT!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cuteness!!

While down for Spring Break, I had to break out their Easter outfits since my parents wouldn't see them on Easter Sunday. They looked so stink'n cute!! I love the colors. Obviously not the best pictures but we'll get another one on actual Easter Sunday...