Sunday, March 7, 2010

This and That

There is no point to this post really. There's no organization to this or anything, just little stories and pictures to share.

So Ridge was on the golf cart with GG the other day. GG told me she had an accident with Ridge but I just shrugged it off that he was ok and it wasn't that big of a deal. That night, we were getting him ready for bed. We took of his sock and saw this: now this is like 3 days postpartum so this looks A TON better then it did. When we saw it first, it was swollen and all purple all over. If he hadn't been walking on it fine or happy period, we would have been more concerned. But man, he got hurt pretty good. What happened was he was hanging his feet off the side of golf cart. GG was going on the sidewalk and went past a parked car and somehow Ridge's feet got lodged in the wheel well of the car. She said he was screaming pretty bad and had to get some help to get his shoe off. I felt so bad for the little guy.

I just had to share this pic. I love it.

Last night we had Adam and Laura Reed and Jennifer and Laine Taylor over. There was 6 kids 3 and under. We attempted to play a game. We only made it 3 rounds before quitting. It was quite the scene. But it was fun.

So we had to get a picture of these boys. We had a picture of them when they were a couple months old all together in this same line up. Now here they are almost 2 years later.
These guys were hilarious to try to get a picture of
Cambree was feeling left out- so she jumped in :)
Ridge's version of a smile