Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brecklynn is 3 months!! (3 new posts too)

This is a bit overdue but Brecklynn is now 3 months old. I cannot believe how fast time is flying....

She is such a great baby. We had to take her to a cardiologist appointment because the Dr. heard a heart murmur and with Curtis' family history with heart problems, wanted to make sure everything was ok. She is thankfully ok but we also got to weigh her since there is no 3 month appointment. She's getting bigger. Now she's 24 inches long and weighs 11 lbs. and 7 oz.

Some fun things about Brecklynn, she now can roll over from her tummy to her back. She does it all the time. She loves to talk to people. She doesn't like to be held close to the body. She likes to be out where she can see and talk to you. She is such a smiley baby and coos and talks all the time. She has the cutest little laugh and gets so excited. Curtis makes this one sound that just gets her going. So cute.

Over the last month she has become and even easier baby. I could probably keep her for preschool more because she is so easy but thankfully my mother-in-law and grandma are so willing to help take her for that bit. Really has helped out a ton. You can leave her down on the chair and she'll sit and talk to herself for a long time. I swear she is teething just like Ridge did at her age. Her front is always soaked and she loves to eat her hands or someone else's. Curtis calls her a shark when she's going for someone's finger. Hilarious. She loves to stand. Probably not the best yet for her but she just likes to be up. Its great seeing her personality come out more and more.

Brecklynn and Darrek. They truly look like twins. I need to post some of the better pictures that depict that but its truly amazing!! We put them in pumpkin outfits and took a few shots just for fun. So neat watching these two grow up together.


I'm having fun taking pics of Cambree. She is always asking me to take her picture and poses herself. Here's some fun ones...

Preschool Halloween Party

Yesterday was our Preschool Halloween Party. I always get so stressed over these little things, and I don't know why. It was a lot of fun and thankfully, the weather was absolutely perfect. The only hard thing was Ridge wanting everyone's candy, and all the kids being on an extreme sugar high. Other than that, it was a lot of fun.

This was a picture I took of Cambree before the party and it was the only decent looking one with the exception it was completely blown in the original and so the only way to make it somewhat ok was to change it to this color scheme. Oh well :)

Here's the party set up. There was also two of the preschool tables on the grass.

Ridge obliged and at least wore his shirt and tool belt this time. That's something at least.

Doing cookie decorating, and popcorn monster hands....

I had two mom's come to help with the party and they each put on a game. This one was bowling. Really cute. The other was candy corn relay. Funny to watch the kids try to grasp the concept of the games.

Another terribly lighted picture but I didn't realize it till too late..its all the kids dressed up. Super cute.

We ended the party with the kids singing two Halloween songs to their parents- Dracula Hunt and Mean old Witch. Way cute. I wasn't thinking and didn't take any pictures or take any video. I could kick myself. Hopefully I can get some from another parent that was there. Overall it was a success!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Family Halloween Party

This past weekend, I headed to the valley to see my Uncle Mark and his family. He is in the military and being transfered to San Diego so he stopped here for a few days. It was great to see him again. We also had our family Halloween Dinner. It's so much fun. All the kids dress up and we have a dinner where they are given a menu with things like witches brew, goblins eyes etc. and they order off of it and are given real food. This has been a tradition since I was a kid. Then they end the evening with a little trick-or-treating inside the house in all the doors down stairs.

I was way excited about finally breaking out the costumes and figured since Cambree couldn't stop talking about hers, that she would be excited as well. I think a lack of sleep added to the drama of the night and just made me extremely frustrated. We put on her costume and then attempted to try and take pictures-my first major mistake. She was being such a diva. These were only a few of the pictures I got of her being a stinker.

This is my sweet, gorgeous 7 year old cousin Olivia. She was so cute with Cambree and Brecklynn.

Here's part of the trick-or-treating. Notice Ridge is without costume....and so goes my luck of the night.

Here's my Uncle Mark with Brecklynn. He was so great with her. She was constantly smiling with him.

Here's the great dinner. This is the youngest kids of the group.

Here are some of the kids of the family. Notice Cambree is MIA along with Ridge.

Ridge did make it into this one.

Brecklynn being a cute pumpkin

Here is what Ridge's costume is supposed to look like. It was a construction worker. He hasn't wanted to put this all on since first getting it. We'll see what Halloween brings but I guess I at least got one picture of him before he took it off.

Fire Station Field Trip

Last Friday, my preschool took a field trip to the local Thatcher Fire Station. The kids had been looking forward to this for a couple weeks. Ridge was so excited when we got there. He had never seen so many fire trucks that close.

Here is most of the group. Of course my kids refused to join in the picture and we're missing two other kids from the class.

Each kid got to ring the bell in one of the fire trucks.

Fire Fighter Mike tried on his uniform for us and then let each kid put on some of the uniform. It took a bit of convincing at first, but eventually most of them tried the boots on.

It was a lot of fun, and the kids loved sharing what they knew about fire safety.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun Times

First let me start off, I am trying to learn my camera better so my picture quality isn't the best, but its what they are of, that makes them worth sharing.

Anyways, last week we had the county fair in town. Oh, the joys of living in a small town. You get to enjoy small things like this. Friday, we didn't have preschool and went to the county fair parade. I was thinking it would just be a small nothing parade. Boy was I wrong!! There were so many people there, and the parade lasted about 45 minutes. Ridge was in hog heaven. He got to see rhinos, tractors, horses and last but not least fire trucks. He was constantly yelling about what he was seeing. Cambree enjoyed her cousins and getting TONS of candy. Every float threw out candy and it was like an early Halloween for them.

My last trip to the valley I found these outfits at Costco. I was so excited. I have been looking for matching outfits but couldn't find something as small as Brecklynn and as large as Cambree. This was my lucky find, and I love them. So here is some cute pics of my girls together.

Again- they are way over-exposed pictures but they are still fun to see. This is the kids at the parade.

Brecklynn in her cute little outfit...

For preschool, I sent home pumpkins with the kids to decorate and bring back. Their creativity blew me away. You can see the one on top made out to be a mad scientist. There are balloons on his arms for gloves, and a little trick-or-treat bag and everything. I love seeing everyone's version of projects like this. Cambree and Ridge made one too. Cambree's is on top as well just the other side- its a princess. Ridge's is below Cambree's with the fireman hat on. Just fun things for the holiday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ridge's Other Party!!!

This past weekend, as part of Conference Weekend- we went to my parents' house for Ridge's birthday as well. Ridge was in heaven once again.

My sister Chelsie made this cake for Ridge. Totally out did mine :) It turned out super cute and Ridge was having a hard time waiting to get the tractors off. It was his focus for the afternoon.

This picture is out of focus but it was just a cute picture of them both...

My sister Kayla came down for the birthday as well. It was only her second time seeing Brecklynn.

The little birthday set up

Cambree sporting the sunglasses

Ridge got several gifts- most tractors (go figure) but this one was the ultimate for him. It moves back and forth, up and down and best of all, it came with a little construction hat.

He is such a cutie

After opening his gifts, he no longer was interested in cake...until he understood what the cake meant. Then he was all for it.

Chelsie put on her 'lovely' trick candles again. So he's having a hard time blowing out the 20 candles on the cake. Eventually we had all the kids blowing them out and Curtis even took a wet paper towel to get the flames out.

Great-Grandma Meikle

Brecklynn showing off her familiar and frequent smile.

Great-Grandpa Meikle

My sister Tesia had Homecoming that night as well. She got dressed up super cute. I took some other pictures of her but they were taking forever to upload so I will try a bit later. But here is Ridge giving her a super cute kiss.

My mom gave Brecklynn a bath and she just kept smiling. She's getting more fun with her personality. She is talking a lot more and smiling ALL THE TIME!! I absolutely love it.