Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kid update

Its been some time since I've updated on the kids. With school about to begin, I wanted to take some time before things got super busy to write some things down about how everything has gone.

Cambree-oh Cambree. I cannot believe she is 4 years old. This is her last preschool year (finally) which is so weird to me. She has become a little mommy-which is good and bad. She likes to try to tell Ridge what to do and repeats our instructions over and over again etc. Really kind of frustrating. But she is also very good and helping me with Brecklynn and getting her out of bed and getting her fed etc. She is still into entertaining. As always :) Lately though she is into the putting on a whole production with it. She has a microphone and everything and announces people coming out to dance etc. Really quite hilarious.

Cambree can write her name very well now. She also can write anyone else's name if you dictate the letters to her. She's really quite smart. Every time we come to a STOP sign she says out loud- that's a S-T-and an-O and a- P. Just like that every time.

Ridge is hilarious lately. Its a known fact Ridge loves chocolate and sweets. But lately its been amplified. We usually have to hide any chocolate cookies or sweets or anything. He recently found the drawer where we keep all the candy and its got candy from christmas, easter, etc in it. I will be walking around my house and see trails of candy wrappers everywhere. He's so good at it too. I can never catch him actually eating it. I am constantly telling Ridge he cannot have sweets or cookies etc. and he knows he isn't supposed to get into them. Well last week I was with some preschool moms and Ridge took full advantage of me being occupied and I could hear the cookie package rumbling. Well after they left I walk into the kitchen and Ridge was on the counter and he had literally pretty much stuffed the entire package in his mouth. I was furious and he just starts spitting out crumbs in my face saying he's sorry. So we struggle with keeping him from sweets and eating anything somewhat healthy.

He is officially potty-trained. Has been for about 3 weeks or so. He has had few accidents but done ok for the most part. He has a problem with holding it to the VERY end but oh well. Lately he also just goes out and pees outside on the rocks. He doesn't ask or anything. One day last week after swimming, Ridge was sitting at the table one second eating lunch, and the next he was gone and the front door was wide open. I went and looked out the front window to see if he was out there and he was trying so hard to pull down his trunks and couldn't get it down. He had obviously gone a little bit cause there was a little puddle below and he was burning his feet on the cement and he was dancing in a circle and crying- I know sounds horrible but I was actually laughing. I sent Curtis out there to help but it was hilarious.

He is a whiner. I can't stand it actually. I tell Curtis all the time that he is definitely his son because he cries for everything ;) But he cries when he gets up if you didn't get his milk immediately and if he didn't get to watch the right show etc. Kind of done with the whole thing.

He is so excited to start preschool. This is his first official year of preschool. I hope he does ok with it all. He got an Iron Man backpack and he wants to wear it everywhere. Its so cute to see him wear it. He is so little with such a big back pack it doesn't look right. Its going to be fun having them both in it this year.

Some funny things he says lately is Phoenix as Kweenex. I love it. Cracks me up every time.

Now Brecklynn. I haven't done her 1 year post yet because I've been waiting for some pics to come from a cake smash she did but I'll go ahead and put some of it here. She still refuses to walk. She totally can and does at times, but is so stubborn and will not. She prefers- no matter the bribery, to crawl. She eats EVERYTHING and ANYTHING and TONS of it. She eats more than Cambree and Ridge combined. Cracks me up. She acts like she is starving all the time and makes the noises like it too. She just got her 5th tooth finally on the bottom. Take awhile. She loves to dance. Turn on music and she starts bouncing her head. Pretty cute. She is always talking. She has something to say about everything. She loves her siblings so much. If they walk in, she will play with them for hours. So cute to watch all 3 of them play for hours.

Now for all 3. Bedtime is a bear for us lately. They do not go to bed like they used to. Now they play for literally at least an hour or so if not longer playing. I mean full out hard laughter playing. If I put Brecklynn down and she's pretty much out, I can guarantee she is up laughing and playing before long. I have to go in periodically to give a scolding and clean out Brecklynn's bed that has been stocked full of all their toys to attempt them to go to bed.

About a week and a half ago, they all got hand, foot, mouth disease. Brecklynn had it first but we all thought it was just a fever rash due to teething etc but she was up ALL night and could tell she was in pain. She had blisters on her feet, hands and in her mouth on the tongue. I finally caved and took her in and found out that was what it was and there was nothing to do for it and super contagious. So Ridge and Cambree got it too. Not as bad, but they did. So that was a fun 6 days or so. Brecklynn is now suffering from weird air blisters all over that I think is a cause from the other blisters. Hopefully all will be healthy before school starts.

These kiddos are quite a handful. Tesia just moved down for school and I'm loving it. She's brought me some sanity and helped me out a ton this past week. I think she can understand where I get my frustration from and see why I lose it so much. They are great kids overrall but its too hard some times. The house is always a mess and I feel like I am constantly picking up after them. I feel like there is always something to do for them. But Tesia has taken them for me a lot and given me breaks and they love it too. Its someone new to play with.

School starts next Monday with my open house this coming Thursday so things are really going to be interesting for a bit. I just hope the kids all handle this well. Here's some fun pics....

Here's the cute kids with their backpacks.

This was today before church. I just loved Cambree's new dress. She is so tall that all her 4T dresses are way too short, so we got her some new dresses and loved this one.

Brecklynn wasn't feeling good today at all so this isn't a good picture of her, but she is still cute.

Mr Ridge.

This was them last week playing with Brecklynn's new toy.

I am truly blessed to have the kids I do and I know with every hard day, I am blessed with many wonderful moments with them. They are my life and I love them so much!!