Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day!

This year, we celebrated Valentines early with the kids because they went to my parents for the weekend. I've got a suprise for Curtis for Valentines and I was needing a babysitter, so my mom offered!! More on that to come tomorrow so definitely check back!

So Thursday we did our little Valentines. I was pretty excited for this year with the kids being older and understanding more.

First off, for dinner we had pink pancakes with chocolate chips and pink milk. The kids loved it!

These pics are out of place but these were the valentines Cambree made for her classmates. Cute huh?

Then this was my valentine to my preschoolers. Pathetic I know but I had never made rice krispies before and it was quite the feat. :)

Back to the dinner.

Then they went on a scavenger hunt. Cambree really got into it. At the end, they were taken to Grandma's where they each got a small box of candy and a balloon.

This year, along with the suprise tonight :) I made him these checks that I got from Love Actually. I then made them fit into a real check book. So just a modern more formal take on a classic coupon book. I had fun making it. We'll see if they ever get used.

Here's Ridge with his monkey.

So it was a fun valentines. But check back tomorrow! I'm so excited to share it with you all