Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Brielle

Just had some cute pics from the past couple weeks that I had to share. She's just such a stink'n cute little girl and getting bigger by the moment. She is now weighing a whopping 12 pounds.

I got these fun feather bows a couple weeks ago. They're a little big but love them.

She is so easy going. She doesn't really fuss much except when she's tired...but she just played so hard that she couldn't even fuss and fell right to sleep.

She's a rolling machine lately and got herself tangled up in the blanket on the floor. She rolls all over and loves to smile at you all the time. So stink'n cute.

I just love this girl. She is so fun.

Ridge's 4th Bday!

Today is Ridge's 4th birthday. He has been looking forward to his birthday for so long and every day he has recited ALL the presents he's wanted. Any commercial he's seen or any toy any other kid had for the past couple weeks, he will let me know 'I want that for my birthday'.

So we started by making his birthday cake and some mini cupcakes for preschool. I had an idea as to what I was going to do for his birthday but his idea was completely different. So after I started, he kind of took over. He didn't like my ideas at all. So this cake is truly his idea. Notice the polar bear and power ranger on there. And the white a volcano with sprinklers.

Yeah he's proud

Him in preschool...he was so excited to celebrate it in preschool

Everyone singing to him

Later that day we took his cousins D and Luke out to McDonalds and then back for cupcakes and ice cream.

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Meikle along with Aunt Jarica, Uncle Connor, Uncle Jaymon and Aunt ShanTay came up to do a birthday. He opened his gifts and LOVED them all.

He had a hard time getting out his cards

I got him a cape with a mask which he wears whenever he can. Grandma also got him a Captain America costume.

Sunday we went to Nana and Papa's and he got more presents. One was pretty funny. It was a Car's lego set from Nana. Turns out it was a returned gift to Walmart that apparently didn't have all the pieces to it and some from a Thomas the train set. Yeah...pretty funny.

Brielle 'loving' her cousin Reddick. He's I believe 5 weeks or 6 weeks and just a pound lighter than Brielle.

The uncles had fun chasing and playing a game with the kids.

So his birthday has finally come and gone. Not sure what he's going to do now :) Maybe look on to the next present giving day in his life-Christmas.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Brielle is 4 months!!

I am a loser...I completely skipped on her 3 month post. But I am at least doing her 4 month. She is just such a different baby from a couple months ago. She is so fun. We can interact with her and you can just see her coming more and more into her little personality. She is a smiler. You look her direction and she thinks you're looking at her and gets all excited. Same with talking, if you're just talking to someone else in her area, she thinks you're talking to her and she just gives you the biggest smiles. Makes it hard to not talk to her :)

She is becoming quite mobile lately. She's been able to roll over for a couple weeks but its more routine and intentional this past week. She prefers her tummy and is really trying to move with her legs everywhere.

She is still pretty quiet. We keep wondering if she'll start 'talking' soon. She has her moments where she talks but I remember our other kids being so vocal by this point. It cracks us up cause we'll talk to her and she looks like she's going to squeal or make some loud noise and her expression and body just gets so excited and then only a little croak or sound comes out. Pretty funny.

She loves her brother and sisters. And they love her too. She is definitely starting to figure out people and recognize people.

We started sleep training her this week. Its been hard, but she's doing great. She sleeps in till like 6 right now which is beautiful. We are hoping to move her into the girls room this weekend hopefully.

We had our swing break this past month which has just not been fun. Out of all our kids, Brielle has taken to every gadget we have. Which is nice to a point but then when they all seem to break down, it makes it hard because we struggle with going to get a new one just for a few months with knowing she is our last one, or making do. The swing was a necessity unfortunately but my mother-in-law was sweet enough to buy it for us. Its nice and small and doesn't take up as much room. We think the other swing probably got done in with the older kids (especially Brecklynn) getting in it and swinging in it. She's light enough but she's just a little rough. So that's what I think happened. Its been weird having Brielle knowing she's our last though. Where I really wanted the next stage to come with my other kids, I am hoping Brielle will stay little longer and not go on to fast. Well here's some quick pictures I took from yesterday for fun. I didn't edit them and should have, but will try that later. Just wanted to get them on here before I just didn't do it and another month passes.

Can you believe its September...Holy Cow!!