Thursday, September 24, 2009

Brecklynn is 2 months!!

I am taking pictures today of Ridge for his 2 year and Brecklynn for her 2 month so these are just fun pictures.

Here is Brecklynn's twin Darrek measuring up for their two months :)

Ridge loving his cousin....

Brecklynn has changed a lot this past month. A couple days before turning 2 months, she started to deliberatley smile. She smiles when you talk to her and even started talking and laughing last week. We also discovered that she is allergic to detergent. She had what we thought was really bad baby acne but it was just a rash. We have since switched to dreft and its made a world of a difference.

Here are some cute smiling pictures I got. There are more to come since she is so willing to share them :)

Her 2 month stats are:

10.5 pounds
22 1/2 inches

She is getting so big already. She is becoming more and more a baby and not a newborn. Her head is so strong. She has been a little bit harder of a baby for us. She doesn't like to be alone at all and doesn't play by herself very well. She did get some colic medicine at her last appointment and I think it has really helped. We'll see though.

Ridge still loves his sister. He is constantly commenting on how she's a 'cute baby'. Cambree loves to make her smile and loves to hold her still.