Saturday, April 17, 2010

Temple Open House

Today we had the awesome opportunity of attending a special open house for the Gila Valley Temple. The official open house doesn't start until the 23rd, but today was a contractors open house-all those that worked on the temple and their families. This was such a neat experience. We went with Curtis' parents, grandma, and sister Sara and Darren. They have you start in the chapel next door to watch a special movie on the temple. Curtis and I were both surprised by the fact that the movie was made special just for our temple. For some reason we both thought the movie was just a general movie shown at temple open houses. So that was pretty neat to watch. Then we went on a tour of the temple. Cambree couldn't understand why we had to wear the special booties and kept asking when we would see the temple. We've been driving by for months and talking to her about it for months that I think she had a different idea of what the temple was. **as a side notes, on our way to the temple we asked Cambree if she knew who lived in the temple. She got really excited and said Aunt Lorene!! Thought that was funny. Its so neat to have these opportunities to teach our kids about the temple. It was absolutely beautiful inside. I'm very excited to start doing sessions in there in about a month.

After the tour, we went back to the church and they had a full on lunch for everyone in the cultural hall. It was all decorated and looked so homey. It didn't even look like a cultural hall. I feel so blessed to be able to attend this special occasion.

Here's some beautiful pictures taken by the oh so talented Curtis- he did pretty good huh :)

This is the corner stone. Curtis had the unique opportunity of doing a test run on raising it into place. How many people can say that?