Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sea World!!!

I have been desperate to get away for awhile. With Brielle being so demanding, I needed a break. We decided to take the 3 older kids to San Diego and do Sea World. We left Brielle with my mom!! THANKS MOM! We left Tuesday afternoon and got home Saturday evening. I think it was probably a day too long but we still had a blast. We started the trip with Sea World and it was so much fun. We got there at 9 and left at 8:30 and even then the kids didn't want to leave.

This is a little ride they have for the kids. Ridge didn't like any rides and this was the only one we got him on.

Ridge got a hold of a map and wouldn't let it go. It was hilarious because we would ask him what he wanted to do next and he would lay out his map and move his fingers along the map.

Shark exhibit

This is out of order but this is our room. Kids loved it. It had a bunk bed and Cambree and Ridge slept together on the top. Brecklynn slept with us which of course meant, we got no sleep :)

This was the first place we went to inside the park and we were the only ones there which was awesome. Look how close the polar bear is.

Brecklynn loved this play area. She could play there for hours.

Curtis loved taking the kids on this ad the kids loved playing on it. He insists he could make one for our yard. It was pretty neat.

Brecklynn's favorite ride by far. So cute!!

At the pet show.

They got to feed the Seals some fish which they loved

Ridge's favorite thing of the day I think was this area which was just an area full of huge punching bags. He went over and over again and did fight moves the whole time.

Brecklynn was getting so tired but was never cranky. Such a trooper.

Short break for a little treat

Favorite show by far of the daay

Sea Port Village and Middway

This post is out of order. This is supposed to be on the same day as the beach. To fill the rest of the day we took the kids to Sea Port Village and to tour the Middway. Curtis loved this and loved showing the kids the airplanes. Was a pretty neat thing to see.

Beach Day!!

This was such a fun day. Kids loved this more than I think we could have hoped. The water was still freezing but kids are kids and they don't care.

Ridge of course had to 'fight' the waves

Cambree's attempt at a sand angle

Curtis buried each kid. They loved it.

Great first trip to the ocean. I hope there will be many more of these.