Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So I have a bunch of pictures that are a bit random but want to get documented so this is going to be a long post about everything and yet nothing at the same time :) 

So the kids had their last soccer game and did AWESOME. Finally by the end of the season, Ridge got more aggressive and started going for the ball and making some good kicks. Cambree also scored a goal for her last game. I have to say I really enjoyed watching them play. We'll have to see if they feel the same about playing when it comes time to decide again next year.

 Curtis being Curtis....
 Brielle got moved to a big girl bed about 2 weeks ago. She took to it great except that now she just wants to play all night. So we've moved Brecklynn to the guest room for naps and night time for hte time being. Weird to see Brielle in a big girl bed....

This was just one of those days. Ridge dumped his bowl of cereal everywhere, so while I was cleaning it up and Ridge was taking a shower, Brielle decided to jump in with him baby doll and all.
 One of my sweet preschool kids, brought me a bouquet of flowers one day. Totally made my day.
 This is how Ridge fell asleep on his way down to the valley one day.
 Cambree got bumped up to Advanced class in gymnastics. She's doing awesome. Has her back walk over and is working on her front and back handspring. Well on her first day in advance class, she did this to her head. Some how while practicing her knee found her forehead. She was quite proud of it.
 Brecklynn with her weird nightly routine. Singing, talking to herself, and playing with the light outside her door....weird child.
 Curtis had to document how our showers go....clothes EVERYWHERE

 At the last soccer game, Brielle discovered dirt. She showered herself with it. We were kind of glad it was the last game for this reason :)

 This dog wandered into Allen Pump. Curtis has always sworn we would never get a dog. But this dog was the exception. He thought it was the coolest dog ever. Luckily the owner came and claimed it.
 Brielle cuddled with Cambree in the car and Cambree LOVED it!
 This is a face of many that Brielle makes ALL THE TIME, but we've had the hardest time capturing it on camera. So here it is...

 Here's Curtis with our good friend Jason. They're both sporting the good ol' ugly stretchy pants and ipads.
 One of Brielle's latest 'spots'

Thanksgiving Party

Well we had yet another couple days of preschool parties. This time for Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. So here's the pictures from the past 2 days.