Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painting and Cabinets are in and done!!

This week was so long and we are still recovering but we are pretty much all done with painting of the ENTIRE house and cabinets got put in yesterday.

I had no clue all that was involved in getting a house painted. Painting comes after prep and that is NOT fun. I've never caulked before and man I don't know how those that do it for a living do it. My fingers were literally bleeding everywhere. Luckily we paint and that all gets covered up. Our good friend Chace is a painter and he helped us spray the ceilings, spray our closets, and paint everything. We owe him so much.

So crazy to think we are getting so close.

This is our kitchen just before all the cabinets are in. It is showing our paint colors. The tan is throughout the house. The burgandy is only in those two walls as an accent. I was nervous about the color at first but after the cabinets got put in, I LOVE it.

This is our Master. We got the wrong color once and had to re-paint the blue wall but it was worth it. Curtis chose the dark brown. Its a very dark chocolate brown. I actually like it a lot. It matches our new bedspread.

Heres the master bath. Its BLUE. A little too blue. Its the same color as in the bedroom but its on all the walls and it is really bright, but it will get better I think. I am stenciling a lot to help break it up.

Here's the beginning of the stenciling. I only got two flowers done but will do more and in a cream color.

Brecklynn has been super clingy this week and just off her game. I am just figuring its from all the commotion of us doing the painting. We'll see. She loved watching the cabinet guy put it all together. Cracking us up.

Here's the cabinets done. I LOVE THEM. My favorite is the island.

Here's from the entry side. Notice all the dust in the air.

Tomorrow is the beginning of flooring. Should be a week or so until flooring is done and then its just all the finishing touches. Curtis has to get the siding done on the house but he started this yesterday so hopefully it will be done soon. We're getting there!!

Brecklynn is in Nursery!!

This is a week late. Brecklynn started nursery last Sunday. She has been so ready to go (what 18 month kid isn't). She just went right in and enjoyed every bit of it. I can't believe she is so old.

Had to get a group shot. Yes its bright but hey they're all looking :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crafting my rear off!!

This week, Cambree and Ridge are with their Grandma and Grandpa Meikle at Disneyland. They are in heaven. To be quite honest, I am missing them greatly and so sad I am not there with them experiencing all that comes with them there. But we were planning on painting this week but that got pushed back. So I had an open week with only Brecklynn and decided to get some stuff done.

With Brecklynn being the only one here, she is getting spoiled rotten. She gets more attention than she ever has. Its been interesting to watch her patterns change. She usually wakes up 3 times a night and gets up at 6 for the day. Ironically, with out her brother and sister here, she hasn't woken up at all at night and sleeps in till 8:00. I thought this whole time, that she was just not sleep trained. No it has everything to do with sharing a room. So it will be so nice to get them in seperate rooms.

This is from Sunday- she was cracking us up. She wanted her hair done and just loved making all kinds of faces. I love this little girl so much :)

These are just a few of the things I have been doing lately. This sign was actually changed last minute. It was supposed to hold our ironing board, but then we realized our ironing board is different than the average and can't be hung without defeating the whole purpose of the board. So it got changed to this :

I am always having problems with Curtis' pants and him forgetting (or me forgetting) to check his pockets before they go in, so this is a little reminder and a nice place to put things I do find.

This is just a cute idea. It is a place to put all those 'lost' single socks.

Not sure how much I like this sign yet, but we'll see when it gets in his room. It didn't quite come out how I pictured. But oh well.

This is for Ridge's room. Its a height measuring board. I love it.

We've had this dresser for awhile thanks to our mother-in-law. Ridge had broken off the face of one of the drawers and we almost called it a loss and was looking for other dressers. But funding just doesn't allow us to go and get a new dresser. So I decided to fix it up. So for the cost of 2 cans of spray paint, I re-did the dresser. It was a weird tanish-yellowish color (sorry I didn't take a before pic). The knobs were a bronze color. So I just painted the knobs the metallic color, painted the dresser a white satin and then stenciled butterflies on it. I am satisfied. Its not the best but it works and I am happy with it.

This is hard to see but its a set of 9 mirrors. This is all from the dollar store. I am happy about it. Its for my entry I am thinking. A cheap way to get a mirror. I just painted the canvases black and took frames and just used the glass and put the mirrors on them. I can't wait to see it up.

There's a couple more projects I haven't quite finished yet but I am close. I feel like there is still so much to do.

We are hoping to start painting the house this Friday so we'll see. Its getting close :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally another house update!

I've really been slacking on getting a house update on here. Frankly I just have been so busy with everything that I completely forgot to. So here ya go...

This is the house at frame-officially :) This view is looking into the kitchen from the living room.

This is the view from our master bedroom to the master bath

There's a phase of the foam insulation not here because of my dumb internet. So I'll have to do it a bit later.

This was last weekend. Curtis and all the brothers and his dad minus Lan, spent the entire day roofing the first half of the roof. Looks good. This project has been put off and put off for so long because of the weather. Been very frustrating and stressful, but its half done.

While that was going on, I took pics of the inside since drywall had gone up. It has totally transformed the entire house. Its now taking shape. Things are looking way better :)

So here's the living room

This is in the kitchen. The arch on the right goes to the front door and the arch on the left goes to the pantry.
View from the living room looking toward the front door.

This is looking down the basement stairwell. Its so tall.

Here's more pics of them out on the roof.

This was today. They are taping currently. We are going to be stuck at this phase for another week or so and then we really get going with paint, flooring and cabinets. We're getting there.

This is our master

Our master looking toward the back wall

Master looking into our master bath

Living room
Living room at a different angle

Dining room and kitchen from the living room

View from the front door.

My preschool room!!

So its getting there!!


The kids have been so funny lately. I just thought I would take a second to document some of their little funnies before I forget.

Brecklynn has been all about what everyone else does lately. Every morning she LOVES and BEGS to get her hair done and insists on bows in her hair. She also likes to stand with me in the bathroom and watch and 'put on' make up with me. Quite cute ;).

Ridge and her have the cutest relationship. Whenever one or the other wakes up, the other gets excited and they have to give eachother a long hug that usually lasts awhile. Then they end up in a wrestling match where Brecklynn is holding onto Ridge from behind.

Brecklynn loves to give hugs to her siblings right now. Cambree doesn't enjoy the love as much but we're working with her :)

Brecklynn refuses to talk. Yep she is like her brother yet again. She totally could talk but she chooses not to. She understands everything you say to her. She does say shoes, mom, dad, nana, and little (as in Nana and Papa's dog) and recently says pretty. Just frustrating to have her choose not to talk. But that's her!!

She is truly the funniest baby I know. Her facial expressions and her body movements. Every evening she gets into the mood that just cracks you up. She does and says funny things. I love it.

Its been so stink'n cold that the kids have hardly had any time outside in a very long time. Today was the first reasonable day that they were able to go out and enjoy some time in the sun. They all insisted on having strollers and babies-yes Ridge too.

These next couple pictures literally crack me up and really show Ridge's personality lately. He's so emotional and 'bi-polar' with his mood swings that it really drives me crazy. But pictures bring out the humor in these things.

So here he is taking a picture for me. Then I ask him to show me his stroller and baby....
The blanket fell off-that's it- and look at his reaction.

Total melt down.

I still get amazed at how quickly he can change his mood. Truly gets me at my breaking point really fast-but I am hoping its just a phase.

Cambree. Well she's still the same ol' Cambree just getting more and more in the 'teenager' attitude. She is too smart for her own good, let alone her age. She is all about helping me out lately. We started doing chores and I was leery about how this would go. She reminds me that she has chores and loves to do them. We'll see how long it lasts, but hey I'll take it.

I am wondering how they all will be in the new house. With Ridge in a new room alone, I wonder if he will last in there. Currently they've been in their room for over 2 hours for bed and they are all up and playing hard. You continuously hear laughing and playing. We don't care until they come out. But I truly wonder how nights will go in the new house. My heart kind of breaks for this change because these are definitely sweet moments I will miss hearing.

I'm excited to see what kid #4 will do to this dynamic. Gonna be interesting for sure.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First day of church in the new year!! Ridge is a SUNBEAM!!

This is the last post I promise ;) I will finally be caught up for a bit. So Sunday was the first Sunday at our new schedule of 9 am. I was so glad to go at that time. We actually weren't late either. Before church, I decided to grab a few pics since it was Ridge's first Sunday as a Sunbeam and Cambree as a CTR 5 and Brecklynn will be joining nursery in about 2 weeks.

Brecklynn has learned quickly from her sister and brother what the camera means and loves to pose for the camera. Sunday went well considering Ridge's teacher is actually a cousin and he was dressed 'like a cowboy'. Ridge was in heaven and they were great with him. His teacher even drew him some cows and horses. Cambree has a new teacher and a class of just girls. I think she's going to enjoy her class a lot this year. At least I hope so. So we're off to a great year so far.