Friday, November 30, 2012

The boys being boys

The boys decided to be well themselves and slick back the hair they got to look super greasy. It was hilarious to see. They proceeded to go to the movies together that way and all over Thatcher. 

Thanksgiving and Ridge's first stitches

Thanksgiving was nice this year. We woke up and we turned on the parade. The kids LOVED it!! We headed to my MIL's house about 12 after I made the mash potatoes and 2 pies and jello. It was to be a small group this year. Just us, Chad and LeMae, Ty and Rachel and Steve and Pat. 

Kids seem to always get these swords and fight every time we come over to my MIL. Its a hit with all the grandkids. That is until someone gets hit.

 Papa took all the kids on a rhino ride and to the park alone. Brave man :)
 While he was gone, we got a text on his way back that there was blood. I guessed immediately that it was Ridge. I thought it was just a small blood like it usually is. Nope, this time it was a pretty good slice across his eye. In fact, it was such a good chunk that we had to do stitches.

 Luckily Uncle Aaron got back into town from his Thanksgiving just in time to help out.

 He ended up with 3 stitches. He did great and is pretty proud of his wound.
 This was him the next day...poor guy was swollen shut

 It was pretty windy the next day so we flew kites.
 Curtis took the kids on rides for hours. Kids couldn't get enough.
 All the guys ended up being here at the same time. Fun to watch them all interact.

Thanksgiving Parties

Here's just the Thanksgiving preschool parties. They were fun. Great way to hit off Thanksgiving holiday. Made these fun hats again. Kids love them

 Someone in the class made these cute turkey oreos. Kids LOVED them