Monday, March 7, 2011

FINALLY a house before and after shot-lots of pics

Its been forever since I've posted. We are in the house and officially moved last weekend. I still can't believe we are in this house. Its truly a dream. Curtis and I are constantly pinching ourselves as to whether this is real or not.

For fun, I took a few pics of the old house just before we moved just to show where we are coming from and where we are now.

Our tiny laundry room/pantry/coat closet


Living Room

Our tiny one bathroom

Master bedroom
Another angle of Master

Kids bedroom

Another shot of kids bedroom

Now to where we are now. No we aren't all done but this just shows the difference.

Ridge's room

The girls' room. On the top white plaque I am putting a vinyl saying "sisters" and yes Brecklynn's name broke so I have to do another one.

Our huge basement/playroom. Yes the kids are spoiled. My Aunt Teddie got rid of this house as we were moving so we inherited it and its great. Its solid wood and the kids love it.

This is going down our stairs.

My preschool room. I look official :)

Our living room

So that is obviously not all the house but my battery died and have no clue where the charger is :) But will post the rest later. So we are loving the new house. We can entertain and have people over and not feel cramped and embarrassed by the lack of space.

Oasis Field Trip

For our Spring Field Trip, we took the kids to Oasis. Fortunately it is where Tesia works so we had the ultimate hook-up. The kids had a blast and it was short and sweet. They got to tour the facility and then make a hot dog and snow cone.

Waiting for the rest of the class to arrive

In the freezer