Thursday, August 25, 2011

Precious Moments

Its special moments like this, that make being a mom so great. I just love the true joy shown on both of their faces.

Kindergarden and Preschool

These past two weeks has been an adjustment for our family. Having a kid going to school full time, for some reason, has made our lives much busier. But we are all enjoying the change...well most of us.

Cambree's first week of school, she was so excited to go every day. She was excited to wear her clothes, and make her lunch and came home every day telling me about everything she did at school. She was definitely becoming more emotional but I figure it was just the length of time being gone and just being drained from school.

Well this past Monday, she for some reason, did a 180 and started to cry about going to school, cry at school and at home would ask us to pull her out. Of course, having such an independent child as Cambree, to come home asking to be pulled out, kind of concerned me. We would dig into her concerns trying to figure out a true reason why she all of the sudden did't like school. Her reasons were actually pretty funny... "I don't want to go to school on this earth, I want to go to another earth and go to school"...or even better "I just want to go to college". Gotta love kids. So this has been a complete shock to me to have her act this way. Of all my kids, I thought she would have the easiest time going. Little did I know :) I am hoping this will pass and she will start to love school. I think she will too. Its just a huge adjustment going to school full day like that.

We'll see. Hopefully next week will be better. We've got a few things we're going to try with her...keep your fingers crossed for me!

We just completed week 2 of preschool. I have an awesome group of kids this year. Its so fun having the school year start. This age is so great. They are so eager to learn and you can see it every day they come in. I love the quick relationships I've built with them. Ridge is adjusting without Cambree by his side telling him what to do but its making him grow up too which he definitely needs. I hope this year continues as well as it has started. This is the picture from the first day of preschool. Ridge chose his hat and inisted on wearing it. Also insisted on not holding the sign that stated it was his first day of school....yep he's stubborn ;)

So school is officially in full swing!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brielle 3 months and Baby Blessing

Time has just flown by. I feel so terrible that I haven't taken more pictures of Brielle. It's been truly a month before I've taken out the camera to capture her. Talk about feeling guilty. Anyways, she is 3 months and a lot has changed. We took her back into the Dr. like we planned and decided that she didn't need to have all the tests we thought at first. He examined her really good and said that it didn't seem to be anything too serious and that she would grow out of it. I never took her back to the other therapist and amazingly, she did start to grow out of what ever it was that was ailing her.

Now she is gaining weight better...still small for her age but gaining. She eats full bottles without problem and for the most part is a happy baby. She is now a grinning fool and starting to really enjoy her. She has yet to fully laugh for us but you can tell she wants to. She can roll over which is funny to watch. She does it over and over and really can scoot herself around.

We finally decided to bless her this past weekend. We had tons of family that came into town which was great. We really appreciate all the support. So weird to think this was our last baby blessing. But I think Curtis is happy about that :). Thanks to everyone who came and made this day so special!!

Getting ready for church

Meikle Great Grandparents and Grandparents

Family shot- Brielle wasn't cooperating so we just did pics of her sleeping on the ottoman and everyone around her ;) It worked

It was a hard time to have it with it being nap time for several...

Whole Meikle family

All the men that helped in the blessing

Allen Grandparents

GG and another napper :)

Chace and Rachel

Teenage hall...

He claims it was the only seat left in the house

Papa hitching a ride

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cambree is in Kindergarten!!

I still cannot believe we are going on 3 days already of having a Kindergartener. Cambree has been looking forward to going for so long.

Last Friday we found out who her teacher is. Ms. Griffin. We also got to see that she knows at least 4 of her classmates already for church and preschool. So that was kind of fun. Monday was the Meet and Greet event where she got to see her room and meet her teacher. She cracked us up because she walks right into her room and says 'Hi Ms. Griffin'. It caught her teacher off guard and even said 'Well you know me, but I don't know you' and Cambree promptly added, 'I am Cambree Allen'. She was so comfortable.

Tuesday she was up early and so excited to go. She got dressed, helped me make her lunch and we of course had to start taking her first day of school pictures. Curtis had to take her alone because Brecklynn was still asleep. But he called me right after he did and said that she didn't look back at all and just went right into class.

I definitely had a harder time than she did. I was excited for her to go, but she is my hands and my help. I never realized how big of a helper she really is. I watched the clock all day and was so excited to pick her up and see how her day went. When we got her, the kids were so excited to see her. She was obviously tired. She even mentioned that she wanted to take a nap. But she said she had fun and likes a boy named Brandon in class. She couldn't really name off any girls except the ones she knew before school started, but she knew like 5 new boys. We're in trouble.

She loves school so far though. I am anxious for her to start getting into things at school and learning different things. Its so strange to think she is from here on out in school. I feel so old.

After I took out Cambree and Brecklynn with my friend, I attempted to go out myself with Ridge to get some pics. I was excited with some of the shots I got. I am just learning photoshop still which is a lot harder than I expected but I do like the outcome of the work. I just need to take more time to figure it out.

I still need to post about Brielle turning 3 months so I will hopefully get that soon. Tonight is my preschool open house so I have to rush and get all ready.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School and Preschool starts soon!!

This summer seemed to fly by. I cannot believe how soon school is starting. Cambree will be going to Kindergarten full day which is going to be so weird for me. She is so excited to go and we actually did some fun school shopping last week and got her a backpack and lunchbox. We find out who her teacher is Friday and school starts the following Tuesday. CRAZY!!

Amidst all that, I have also been preparing for Preschool which starts the 15th but our Open House is next Thursday evening. I am so excited about this year. I have got so many new ideas and some awesome centers this year.

Here's my room. I know its not much, but I still like it.

The floor is a mess because the kids insist on playing with the toys when I'm in there. But it gives you an idea. In the corner is my art center and where we'll be painting, doing playdough, a new sensory table, cutting glueing- all those fun things.

Here is our calendar corner.

Our chicka chicka boom boom trees where we will add each new letter to it as we learn them and in the corner is our reading nook with new comfy friends to sit on.

Today as part of my preparation, we colored rice for the August sensory tub. The kids LOVED it.

Then we sat them out to dry, which didn't take long in this heat :)

Put it in our tub....

And the kids gave it a test run. I think its going to be a huge success. Just have to work on keeping it in the bin.

So here's to one more week of running around getting stuff done and hopefully to a fun year in Kindergarten and Preschool!!