Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Of July

What a fun weekend. The kids had so much fun this 4th of July. Unfortunately it felt like the LONGEST day ever but its once a year right :)

The day started super early. Brielle got up at 4:00 and with us knowing we were to be up by 5:30, we decided to just get up and get ready. We got the kids up at 5:15 and took them outside to hear and watch the firetrucks that went up and down all the streets in town. It was the official wake up to get everyone ready for the parade.

The kids loved it. It was short and sweet. They all got to see tons of fire trucks, get tons of candy and just enjoy the time with cousins. After we headed over to the little program and then to Nana and Papa's for a pancake breakfast. After it was done we sat down and looked at the clock and was shocked to see it was only 7:30. AAhhh. Kids had too much energy and all the adults were falling asleep or desperately wishing they could.

We tried to break up the long day with little things here and there. Sara brought over their horse for the kids to ride. They loved it. It was really hot otherwise I think they could have ridden that horse all day.

All the young Allen boys have the same hair cut. Look-they all have different hair colors too :)

Here's us first this in the morning.

I love her face in this. So hilarious!!

Even more of her little personality.
My little firecracker
Ridge with chocolate face and all
And what's a picture without a proper pose by Cambree

I really didn't want to put this on here, let alone even take the darn picture but I had to include it being that its our first family picture. Sad I know.

After everyone got a little rest, we headed to Aaron and Connie's for some water fun with a big water slide and pizza. Kids loved it. The weather had gotten so much cooler and it looked like a storm was coming in. Made it perfect for playing in the water.

They cousins all enjoyed some time on the tire swing pushed by Curtis.

To finish off the activities the kids all took turns riding the motorcycle. They LOVED it.

My sweet niece Carden. Need I say more
April had to attempt (with the help of Sara) the impossible.

Just loved this shot of Ridge playing with Carden

And what's an Allen get together, without something like this...

We of course ended the night at the fireworks. We were a bit worried with how windy it was, that it wouldn't actually happen. However the show went on. The kids loved it. Cambree kept yelling out random things with every firework like "Christmas" or "Valentines Day", really weird. Brecklynn just sat in aw with a huge smile on her face watching. And Ridge, loved it too. We all got home and eagerly jumped into our beds and slept away the great day we had. Happy 4th of July!!