Monday, November 23, 2009

Brecklynn's 4 months old!!

I cannot believe that our little girl is already 4 months old. Time is truly flying by. This past month has been very adventurous. She had her first Halloween and was so cute as a pumpkin. Then about the second week of November, Brecklynn got pretty sick. We took her in and said that it could either be RSV or the Flu. I literally got maybe 8 hours of sleep that entire week because she couldn't breathe or I was worried she couldn't breathe etc. So it was a tough week. We are just now getting her back on schedule.

She is getting to have such a cute and sweet little personality. She LOVES to talk. She found her voice a couple weeks ago and loves to tell you what's on her mind. She laughs for no reason too. We are still trying to catch those precious moments on video. Hopefully we'll get lucky one of these times. She has to have something in her mouth at all times. She's turning into Cambree in that she loves to suck on blankets. Hopefully we can stop this from developing into the obsession like Cambree has. She will typically have her fist in her mouth too which is pretty funny. She loves attention. Once anyone acknowledges her, she starts giggling and talking.

Here is some fun pics. The first is one Erin Householder did for me. We were supposed to get family pics but it was scheduled during the time Brecklynn was pretty sick and didn't want to chance it. So we ended up doing a mini session of the kids. This is one of Brecklynn. Love it!!

These are ones I just messed around with. I love the expressions in these. Obviously I don't have any good editing software but I did what I could. There is always more I wish I could do.