Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break-Dinosaur Museum

On Tuesday of Spring Break, I met my mom in Mesa and we took the kids to the Natural History Museum-or as Ridge would put it, the Dinosaur Museum. I remember going here as a kid.

We walked in and the kids were so excited just seeing the bones. Mind you, it was an elephant and not a dinosaur, but they loved it the same. Brecklynn cracked me up. She was so excited the whole time. She kept hitting herself when she would look or point at a dinosaur and she loved looking at everything.

This was the dinosaur Ridge had been waiting for. He loves triceratops and t-rex.

At one point in the museum they do a history portion and have little jail cells for the kids to go into. At first the kids were afraid to go in, but then they loved going in and shutting me out.

I have to say, the highlight of the whole thing though was this tiny tube for them to play in. Such a simple thing, but they couldn't get over it.

They had this old western movie that you could 'be apart' of and of course my kids were all over it. Cambree and Ridge loved making faces in it. Even Brecklynn loved it.

My mom bought the three kids (Ridge), a dinosaur figurine pack and Ridge was in heaven. He couldn't stop talking about it and telling everyone about his new dinosaurs. My mom kept the kids for a couple days and said that he would come up over and over again and thank her for the dinosaurs. Even now, he sleeps with the whole bag in his bed.

Thanks mom for the special day and going with us to the museum, and of course taking my kids for a couple days. My kids love being with their grandparents!!

Spring Break Zoo!

During Spring Break, my parents took the kids to the zoo. I guess it was really busy with tons of schools there but the kids still seemed to have a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just an overall update on kids. Its been awhile!

Life is starting to finally gain some normalcy and we are feeling more settled in our new home. Its weird to have so much space and even better, more time to enjoy our family. There is definitely still things to get done and we still have some large projects to tackle but we don't have the stress and pressure like before. The kids love having the space to run and play. They love their play room and they entertain themselves for hours downstairs.

I haven't done a kid update in so long and I am constantly thinking about some of the things they do and how I don't want to forget them, so I wanted to take some time to document those little things.

These pics are from when my sisters Chelsie and Jarica came down last weekend and Chelsie 'generously' allowed my kids to put on her makeup. Ridge was taking it all a bit too seriously :)

Brecklynn not getting her way

So here's some updates.

Brecklynn has grown up so much these past couple of weeks. I swear she's gone from a baby to a little kid overnight. She transitioned to a big girl bed upon moving here in the new house and did it without any problems. In fact she loves her big girl bed.

She is speaking a lot more. She FINALLY says Cambree's name but it sounds like 'me me'. Ridge- well he says Ridge is Tesia. We're still working on that one. She says 'yes' 'no', 'blanky', 'mom', 'dad', 'Little', bye, hello, nigh nigh (night), eyes, teef (teeth), baby, ball, and a lot more. She still says uh uh for a lot so we are still working on that but she's coming a long.

She loves her sister and brother. In fact, she loves them a lot more than I think they want her to. She wants to be with them playing and they are constantly complaining about her.

She loves to watch me and also put on make-up every day. She loves to get her hair done and loves for you to tell her how pretty she looks. She also loves to brush her teeth. She insists on standing on a stool and just repeatedly running her brush under the water and brushing her teeth.

She loves baths and showers and could stay in all day if she was allowed.

We call her bi-polar right now just because she is SO opionated and so cranky at times. You'll ask her if she wants something and she'll say yes and just as you're giving it to her she freaks out. She is great at throwing fits. They are really funny to watch right now.

She LOVES puzzles and could spend hours doing the same one. She also loves to color. A little too much in fact. Amazingly she holds a writing utensil better than most of my preschoolers. She's a natural.

She's a little dare devil. Lately she loves to dive off the arm of our couch with Ridge and Cambree. She will completely fall on her face and get right back up again and go again.

She is so independent. She doesn't let you help with much. Even putting on her shoes (which is also an obsession of hers). She makes a mess out of EVERYTHING she eats lately which is frustrating but I know its a phase.

Her hair cracks us up. She has none compared to Cambree at this age.

Ridge-oh Ridge. This kid is ALL boy. In some ways I hope this next kid isn't a boy just because he is so boy all by himself that I doubt he could compete with any other sibling. We still constantly get comments on his hair. People are always asking if he paints his hair or uses shoe polish on his hair etc.

Him and Cambree are obsessed with cars right now and lining them up and moving them in lines all over. They are also obsessed with playing pretend as 'Curtis' and 'Chantel' and having a baby doll together.

His vocabulary cracks us up. He still say Thank you like "Sank you", or he'll say "no sanks". We want to correct him but we also love it so much I don't want him to stop.

He is loving preschool and getting better at his basic skills. He loves having the kids here and loves all his little friends.

I struggle with him a lot lately with just being whiney and crying over everything. I've been told that its just like Curtis was as a kid (he hates that I say that :) but its true. Ridge can cry at the drop of a hat over absolutely nothing and it drives me crazy. He's got the saddest lip that he can put out on command and its just pathetic. I am hoping this again is just a phase and he'll grow out of it soon. He's cute for the most part and he's lucky he's so cute when it comes to these frustrating moments :)

Brecklynn and him continue to have a strong and cute bond. Every morning they have to give each other a huge hug and they love to tackle each other to the ground. They rarely ever fight and share so well together. I love to watch this little relationship grow.


Its weird for me to sit here and think how old Cambree really is. She is turning 5 at the end of May and going to Kindergarden this fall. I have a 5 year old! Kind of creeps me out in a way. I swear she is a teenager though, in that little body.

She is such a dancer. Her moves are so funny to watch. I don't know where she gets them from. She's going through, what I hope is just a phase, but has a hard time being nice to Brecklynn. She hates her being around and doesn't like to share anything with her. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when Cambree can't get enough of her, but more often then not, she can't stand her and even told my MIL and SIL this week that she wants her in the garbage.

She is such a helper and is excited about the new house and chores etc. I hope it keeps up over the next couple weeks. We'll see :)

For the past year or so, Cambree has insisted on growing out her hair but recently its become quite a chore every morning to do it. She screams and cries at everything. Well Wednesday night I was speaking to her and convinced her to cut her hair. I called my SIL Connie immediately and set it up to get done the next morning before she would change her mind. I LOVE it. I miss her hair being short.
I need to get a better picture and I'll try to get that today but this gives you an idea. This is her at our pajama day in preschool.

I am still trying to grasp the fact that we have yet one more kid on the way very soon. These 3 definitely keep me busy and entertained enough that who knows what one more will do but I am also excited to see what this new one will add to this trios relationships.

Monday, March 7, 2011

FINALLY a house before and after shot-lots of pics

Its been forever since I've posted. We are in the house and officially moved last weekend. I still can't believe we are in this house. Its truly a dream. Curtis and I are constantly pinching ourselves as to whether this is real or not.

For fun, I took a few pics of the old house just before we moved just to show where we are coming from and where we are now.

Our tiny laundry room/pantry/coat closet


Living Room

Our tiny one bathroom

Master bedroom
Another angle of Master

Kids bedroom

Another shot of kids bedroom

Now to where we are now. No we aren't all done but this just shows the difference.

Ridge's room

The girls' room. On the top white plaque I am putting a vinyl saying "sisters" and yes Brecklynn's name broke so I have to do another one.

Our huge basement/playroom. Yes the kids are spoiled. My Aunt Teddie got rid of this house as we were moving so we inherited it and its great. Its solid wood and the kids love it.

This is going down our stairs.

My preschool room. I look official :)

Our living room

So that is obviously not all the house but my battery died and have no clue where the charger is :) But will post the rest later. So we are loving the new house. We can entertain and have people over and not feel cramped and embarrassed by the lack of space.

Oasis Field Trip

For our Spring Field Trip, we took the kids to Oasis. Fortunately it is where Tesia works so we had the ultimate hook-up. The kids had a blast and it was short and sweet. They got to tour the facility and then make a hot dog and snow cone.

Waiting for the rest of the class to arrive

In the freezer