Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brecklynn is 6 Months!!!

Today, 6 months ago, this little one was born. It's already been 6 months!!! Time is truly flying by.

This past month, we ferberized her....and now she's such a happy baby. Not that she wasn't before, but now she seems to be more content and I can understand her cues better. Yes, its taken me 6 months but at least we did it. Now she sleeps through the night with her brother and sister in the same room and is on a nap schedule. Makes things much more predictable.

Her high pitched happy scream continues to shock people. Definitely a unique trait of hers. She's got this wonderful mowhawk on her head that refuses to be tamed at this time. Again, another unique trait. She refuses to sit up by herself still but we're trying.

She wants everything within her reach and is starting to get mad when she doesn't get her way. Still won't eat baby food or drink from a bottle. She's definitely my chunkiest baby but I love it. She's her own in every way.

Today Sara and I wanted to take pictures of our babies since they are both 6 months, but with the rain being relentless, we were restricted to indoors with not the greatest lighting. Still got some cute shots though.

Look at Darrek's eyes. He's gonna be a lady killer later on. :)

This is probably the best shot we got of the two together.

Here we ALL are. This was kind of an impromtu picture so I don't look the best, but notice the hair cuts....yeah we pretty much follow each other in everything lately. But we love our hair cuts. Been fun sharing every step of the way with these kids with Sara and Darrek.

Next stop Disneyland. I'm excited to see what adventures and stories that will bring...