Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just keep Swimming

This summer, we've really been taking advantage of the Safford Pool. My mother-in-law was so sweet in getting every family a pass for the summer. So we have been going almost daily. Its been wonderful!!

The kids have swim lessons in the morning and then at 11 we go back till about 12:30. Makes them good and tired. I LOVE it!!

Brecklynn didn't like it one bit when we first started going. Now she is a little swim baby. She crawls so far into the water that she eventually isn't crawling, but floating.

Ridge is so funny about the water. He hates being splashed. He loves the water but splashing is a no no around him :) We have a lot of pool toys that he likes to play with and if you throw it to him, he has to run out of the water so he doesn't get splashed when it lands.

My MIL has had my niece Quinn and nephew Calder for the week and so we got to join them at the pool one day. Cambree enjoyed the company. They spoil her :)

I just love the pool. Its something to do with the kids during the hot days and gives everyone a break.