Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blessing Day

Last Sunday we blessed Brecklynn. We did it outside of Sacrament meeting so that she could be blessed with her other two cousins at the same time and make it easier on all the family. It was quite the event.

My family came down Saturday and stayed in a hotel. It was a lot of fun enjoying their company and the kids loved having people there to spoil them.

Sunday we went to Sacrament meeting and then headed back to get a few things ready for lunch. Pat and Steve were great and hosted a lunch for everyone. We figure there were somewhere between 40-50 people there eating, but amazingly it went very smoothly.

Here's Brecklynn in her blessing outfit. Its the same one Cambree wore that my mom made out of my wedding dress.

The classic 4 generation shot.

GG trying to hold all three babies. It was quite the site.

Brecklynn and Darrek were both hungry. It was so cute because they kept finding Brecklynn's hand and sucking on it together.
The three stars of the day.

My Grandma and Grandpa Meikle came down just for the blessing- Thanks for making the trip.

Just a cute shot

Ridge doing what he does best, looking cute and playing with tractors

Baby Grady

The setup for lunch.

It was a great day and thank you to all that attended, especially those that traveled for the blessing. Curtis did a great job with the blessing and it was just a beautiful day.

Week Two

So these pics are from week two with Brecklynn. This was my first time with all 3 kids alone. It went better than expected. I even had my first supermarket experience with all 3 kids and it went relatively well. The only hard part was Ridge wanting me to hold him while I was nursing Brecklynn. Besides that, it was good. I just wish it was cooler outside so the kids could do more outside.

Both kids enjoying Brecklynn's new headbands. Ridge is in trouble with two sisters :)

I have a similar picture of Cambree in this outfit. I want to find it and really see their similarities. We'll see.

More Pics

My mom just gave me some of her pics from her camera and wanted to post them. So here they are:

Like I had said before, when my mom was staying with me, she would wake up every morning and take the kids for a walk. They loved it!!

Ridge still trying out all his new little sister's things
Love'n Grandpa's shoes

GG's first visit with Brecklynn
Cambree doing Grandpa's hair- I love this picture.