Saturday, August 28, 2010

Table Re-do

I've wanted to do this for a very long time. We got this table from my sister and brother-in-law several years ago. They had redone it and actually we've enjoyed it. However with kids now- it became trashed. Plus I've just wanted a darker table for awhile. So I finally decided to just do it. I consulted my expert crafty friend Amanda Wood and just started. Little did I know :)

I started last Tuesday and stripped the paint off the top and sanded it down. I put two coats ot stain on top. Then little did we know, we got the storm of the decade that evening!! I scrambled and threw tarps on top to try to save it. I have never seen it storm like that!! Anyways, it got water spots on most of my table and I had to Start ALL OVER AGAIN!! I had to sand it down and it took me 18 new sanding paper and 6 hours to get it down again. My whole body ached from doing it. But it was worth it :) I love the result. It's taken so much more than I could ever had expected. So what do you think? Be honest....