Monday, October 5, 2009

Ridge's Other Party!!!

This past weekend, as part of Conference Weekend- we went to my parents' house for Ridge's birthday as well. Ridge was in heaven once again.

My sister Chelsie made this cake for Ridge. Totally out did mine :) It turned out super cute and Ridge was having a hard time waiting to get the tractors off. It was his focus for the afternoon.

This picture is out of focus but it was just a cute picture of them both...

My sister Kayla came down for the birthday as well. It was only her second time seeing Brecklynn.

The little birthday set up

Cambree sporting the sunglasses

Ridge got several gifts- most tractors (go figure) but this one was the ultimate for him. It moves back and forth, up and down and best of all, it came with a little construction hat.

He is such a cutie

After opening his gifts, he no longer was interested in cake...until he understood what the cake meant. Then he was all for it.

Chelsie put on her 'lovely' trick candles again. So he's having a hard time blowing out the 20 candles on the cake. Eventually we had all the kids blowing them out and Curtis even took a wet paper towel to get the flames out.

Great-Grandma Meikle

Brecklynn showing off her familiar and frequent smile.

Great-Grandpa Meikle

My sister Tesia had Homecoming that night as well. She got dressed up super cute. I took some other pictures of her but they were taking forever to upload so I will try a bit later. But here is Ridge giving her a super cute kiss.

My mom gave Brecklynn a bath and she just kept smiling. She's getting more fun with her personality. She is talking a lot more and smiling ALL THE TIME!! I absolutely love it.