Monday, September 28, 2009

Ridge is 2!!

I am so amazed!! Ridge is now 2!!! CRAZY!!!

So we all know he loves tractors- so what do you think we did for his birthday theme....TRACTORS of course!!!

So we made his tractor cake. I was first going to make a 3-D tractor cake but after thinking about it I just figured I was being too ambitious. So I just went with a simple cake with tractors on it. I think it actually turned out pretty cute.

This is Ridge finding it Sunday morning. Of course he wanted all the tractors immediately.

Here is my little 2 year old Ridge. He is so stink'n cute!!!

Sunday night we had Ridge's birthday at Nana and Papa's house. He wasn't as excited about the whole idea of a birthday but the little details of blowing out the candles and actually getting the presents he was very happy with.

He knew exactly what to do when we sang Happy Birthday.

He loves the movie Cars so we had to get him something else besides tractors- so he got...

I am not sure exactly why he was crying at this point but behind him is a tractor blanket.

It became hilarious with the rest of the gifts. They were ALL tractors. The best part was no matter how many tractors he got, he was just as excited about each one.

So here is Ridge's new collection of tractors. He loves each one and he can't stop putting them all on the tv stand playing with them. So stink'n cute.

Notice his smile here too. You don't say smile- but show me your teeth. So cute.

So now he's 2. I can't believe it!! He is actually getting one more birthday party this coming weekend at my mom's house. I'm excited for that too.

Another church photo shoot

I just had to share some more cute pictures of the kids from church yesterday. I never noticed that Cambree and Brecklynn had some what matching dresses. And Ridge got a new church outfit for his birthday, so we had to do some pictures.

This is Ridge's new 'smile'- closing his eyes

Sisterly love :)