Saturday, December 18, 2010

Polar Express!!

This weekend we went to the Polar Express up in Williams, AZ with my entire family. Curtis took half day and Tesia travelled with us. It was a long 5 hour drive, but when we got there, it was worth it. It was very COLD but it was fun.

Our family in front of a train- Ridge LOVED this!!
All the kiddos

Aunt ShanTay attempting to keep Cambree warm

Poor Brecklynn couldn't get warm and it was so cute cause she didn't care how many layers you put on her, she wouldn't take it off.

This is on the train. It was tight quarters but at least we were warm

Ridge was insistent on holding his ticket the whole time.
Brecklynn loved the window and looking out it.
Uh-who knows what they're doing :)
Ridge and Cambree took turns taking amusing pictures of everyone. It was definite entertainment for everyone.

Santa came on board and walked down the aisle.

He gave everyone a large sleigh bell.

Ridge LOVED it!!
He would keep his bell in his boot :)

Brecklynn just loves shaking her bell
At the end, they had everyone singing 12 days of Christmas and on the 5 golden rings, she was having all the guys stand up and do this gesture.
Ridge even joined in...
And of course Curtis had to add his piece of joy to the night :) Look at Ridge's face..
Chelsie singing the song for all of us. Yes she looked and sounded like she was in pain and it was hilarious.

It was a fun night overrall. We went back to our hotel and ended doing a birthday party for Tesia since it was also her birthday and then our secret santa Christmas exchange. Now the kids are spending some time with Grandma and Grandpa before Christmas. It's been a fun way to start the Christmas break for sure. I doubt the kids will ever forget this experience. Thanks mom and dad!!

2nd Preschool Polar Express!!

My second Preschool went just as smoothly. Cambree and Ridge didn't come to the second because I just feared them getting too over-stimulated and also getting a bit confused :)

Its always fun to watch two different groups of kids react differently to things. They all loved everything. This group was way more shy when it came to Santa but it was still fun. I am ready for a break for a couple weeks but it was definitely a fun way to end the year.

First Preschool Polar Express Party

Where has this semester gone? I cannot believe this semester is over.

Friday we had our Polar Express pajama party. The kids LOVED it and its one of my favorite parties. I love the decor and the kids the whole time. It was just a crazy time this year with 2 parties plus leaving right after to go on the real Polar Express in Flagstaff with the whole Meikle family. But it was still fun.

This was my little house all decorated for it. Over 60 snowflakes, 20 stockings, 12 little chairs, and 1 backdrop.

Cambree and Ridge were so excited for this party. They've been asking about it for days.

We start off in the chairs and read the story-then they get their tickets punched and then head outside for a scavenger hunt while the 'train' changes. We then enjoyed chocolate milk and doughnuts

After we made magic reindeer food. The kids always seem to love this much more than I remember.

We then did our book exchange

Ridge made out amazing this year!

Then we had a special visitor-SANTA-who gave them each a special silver bell.

So this is the first class-minus one who was sick :(

Now on to class 2

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cambree makes my bed!

This just totally cracks me up and really made me melt when this happened. The other day Cambree came out during quiet time-so like usual I had her in my room to finish quiet time. Well I had taken off all the sheets to wash them leaving my comforter and blanket with all the pillows. They were literally in a pile on my bed. Well about an hour later she comes jumping out of my room. At first I was a bit frustrated thinking she had yet another excuse to come out. But she was so excited and asked me to come in and see what she had done. She had made my bed. She was so proud of herself and I was quite amazed by what she had accomplished. She had managed to staighten out the blankets and even put the pillows in their correct place. It was so cute. I couldn't believe she could do that.

If you look close you can notice the comforter is on sideways and hanging all the way down on this side

Then on this side, it is all the way to the top.

She was so proud of herself. Instead of me actually making the bed, we left it so she could show Curtis. Curtis was just as amazed and proud. Very cute. She's quite the hard worker and cleaner. Great helper for sure. Now to just get her to make her own bed :)

Our House has a ROOF!!!

As of officially today-we have a roof!! This is so exciting. Nothing more to say than that for now. Here are some pics of it though.

This is the basement before the roof went on-notice all the light in the stairwell. The stuff under the black tarp is the drywall.

This is a view from our backdoor looking at the kitchen. You can see the island framed up. Now remember this view when the next couple come-it changes dramatically with a roof :)

Yesterday morning we took the kids over to watch them raise the trusses up. Kids got a kick out of the big machines.

This is the house with all the sheeting on.

Now this is a somewhat similar view of the kitchen- just a little more to the side. Notice the difference.

Brecklynn LOVES the stairs. I hate how much she loves them. They are really going to be a problem. She has no fear with them. We're going to have to gate it for sure.

Next week the doors and windows go in and Curtis will hopefully get up to shingle the roof and we'll start on getting electrical all in.