Friday, April 15, 2011

36 weeks pregnant and a new hair-do

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I just haven't taken any pics besides preschool pics and just haven't been really wanting to blog lately :). But I figured I'd do a quick update as I only have a month left of this pregnancy.

I am still feeling relatively good. I am actually shocked at how huge I really look. I haven't taken any pics this whole pregnancy so this is the first time I'm seeing what I really look like. Wowzer!! I have gotten larger with every kid. :)

We are finally narrowing down our name choices. I know-its taken long enough! The house has just been such a task lately that this kid has quite frankly, been put on the back burner. But we figured with about a month left, we better start figuring it out.

I have 3 weeks left of preschool and I am getting nervous that I will go early like I have before and ruin my graduation for preschool. This is the one time I don't want to go early.

Today I CHOPPED off my hair. I should have taken a before picture. I was really nervous about doing it because I worried I was pulling a classic end of the pregnancy decision of making a drastic hair change because of my hormones. After deliberating with my SIL Connie, my sister Tesia and my mom, I decided to go for it. We cut off 2 inches on the length and REALLY stacked the back of it. I LOVE it. I am actually going to cut off a bit more in the front to make it a little more cohesive with the back but I love it. Its short for sure, but I think it will be easy. I actually got this idea from the wonderful Erin Householder and one of her pics I found of her. She made the cut look so dang cute. I hope I can do it cute too by myself.

So here's a picture of my hair after the hair cut. You can't see too much because I am not turned enough. But its short. Cambree helped me take this pic ;) She did good right? I'll take some better pics tomorrow and grab some of the back as well.