Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

What a busy weekend. Its been so crazy these past couple of days but the kids have loved it. My pictures uploaded backwards for some reason so you'll experience our weekend backwards :)

So this was today when the Easter Bunny visited. The Easter Bunny visited after church this year.

This was before church and my 'attempt' on getting a picture of them in their Easter outfits. Yeah- you can see how well that went over :)
My beautiful girls

Last night we had an Allen family Easter Party. The kids had a BLAST!!! We had a barbeque and huge egg hunt and then played minute to win it games.

This is my oh so cute niece Carden. She is the cutest little baby. Brecklynn absolutely loves her.

It had been such a long day that Brecklynn kept taking little breaks here and there and it was cute to watch.

So to add to the fun of the weekend, we had a little emergency with Cambree's hair. On Thursday I was doing her hair and found a chunk of her hair missing (aka it had been cut). I was so upset. Connie my SIL who has been doing our hair, was out of town. So I decided to get her into a salon to attempt to fix it. Well the stylist didn't listen to me AT ALL. She literally butchered her hair. She layered her hair so short that there was about an inch layer on the top and then just random chunks taken all over. Then to make it better, the original issue that had been cut, wasn't even fixed. She left it the same length and it was a noticeable chunk out of her hair. Thanksfully Connie got back Friday morning and saved the day. It is shorter but she literally saved her hair. It sucks because I have to do it everyday from wet to dry but hopefully it will grow out fast.

Earlier Saturday, we went to a huge Allred family Easter party/reunion. It was so hot!!

This is my cute niece again. Curtis loved getting her to smile.

Here's Brecklynn just mesmerized by her cousin. I love it. Makes me wonder how she'll be with the new baby.

My mom and sister Jarica came down Thursday evening for awhile. It was so much fun to have them here for a bit and the kids loved the attention. The kids got new outfits and pjs and they LOVED it.

Is this a glance at our future....3 girls and a boy....

Friday my mom did a little egg hunt at the park for the kids. They were so excited. It was a beautiful day too.

It was such a hectic weekend and man am I tired, but it was fun. Now to survive the next 2 weeks.... Happy Easter everyone!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

36 weeks pregnant and a new hair-do

I have been a terrible blogger lately. I just haven't taken any pics besides preschool pics and just haven't been really wanting to blog lately :). But I figured I'd do a quick update as I only have a month left of this pregnancy.

I am still feeling relatively good. I am actually shocked at how huge I really look. I haven't taken any pics this whole pregnancy so this is the first time I'm seeing what I really look like. Wowzer!! I have gotten larger with every kid. :)

We are finally narrowing down our name choices. I know-its taken long enough! The house has just been such a task lately that this kid has quite frankly, been put on the back burner. But we figured with about a month left, we better start figuring it out.

I have 3 weeks left of preschool and I am getting nervous that I will go early like I have before and ruin my graduation for preschool. This is the one time I don't want to go early.

Today I CHOPPED off my hair. I should have taken a before picture. I was really nervous about doing it because I worried I was pulling a classic end of the pregnancy decision of making a drastic hair change because of my hormones. After deliberating with my SIL Connie, my sister Tesia and my mom, I decided to go for it. We cut off 2 inches on the length and REALLY stacked the back of it. I LOVE it. I am actually going to cut off a bit more in the front to make it a little more cohesive with the back but I love it. Its short for sure, but I think it will be easy. I actually got this idea from the wonderful Erin Householder and one of her pics I found of her. She made the cut look so dang cute. I hope I can do it cute too by myself.

So here's a picture of my hair after the hair cut. You can't see too much because I am not turned enough. But its short. Cambree helped me take this pic ;) She did good right? I'll take some better pics tomorrow and grab some of the back as well.