Monday, January 9, 2012

Brielle is 8 months

So I am a slacker again. She's now 8 months. What a ball of chub she is now. She's really put on the weight. She eats table food like crazy. She refuses baby food like all my other kids. She has been mobile for a couple months and is so fast. She loves to pull herself up on EVERYTHING. Including your legs if she gets you. Its actually quite annoying how fast she is at getting on you. She FINALLY STARTED LAUGHING!! Its a big deal. She smiles at EVERYTHING but it wasn't until about a week ago that she started to actually laugh.

She also got her first tooth on Saturday. She is always drenched in her spit and finally has something to show for it.

She's still a happy easy baby. Love her to death. Can't believe how old she is.


This was our first Sunday. Kids were so excited to wear their new clothes. Ridge is now CTR 4 and Cambree is CTR 5. Ridge came home the first Sunday preaching to us what was choosing the right and what wasn't. He even stated that his cousin wasn't choosing the right because he wasn't wearing a shirt.

New Years

For New Years we had a pretty easy going New Years. I always get my hopes up that we'll have a game night etc. but with 4 small kids, that's next to impossible :) We did have fun though.

We went over to Steve and Pat's for an early dinner and did a game of bingo with the kids. It was just my kids and LeMae's kids so it was a quiet evening.

Here's the kids playing...

The prize loot
Ridge being cute about not getting a number yet
Getting help from Nana
Ecksen upset he's not winning :)

Picking from the hard to choose

Trying to quiet them down with a movie.

Then we celebrated early- like 10 ish with sparklers

It was an early night for us but fun. Happy New Years 2012. Crazy how fast time is flying. Here's to a wonderful new year!