Friday, October 15, 2010

Basement is dug!

Curtis and his dad started digging the basement last weekend. After digging all day and figuring out how much was left, they decided to hire it out.

Tuesday the big front end loader tractor rolled in. It was so much fun to sit and watch this thing go. The kids loved it as well. It moved so much dirt so quickly. On the way, the tractor found an old septic tank and an old sepage (sp) well. It went down about 20 feet. The person digging said he had only seen one other one ever and none like this one. So that was kind of cool to see.

We couldn't get down and get a picture of the whole thing but this is what we could see. It goes down about 10 feet from here.

Here's the final product.
This just shows how big this thing is. Curtis looks so small :)

After the tractor was done, all the dirt around bascially turned into moon sand. I tried to walk in it and it was like snow coming up above my ankles. It was SO SOFT. "Little" the dog, loved playing in it along with all the kids.

Monday the 18th is when everything really starts rolling. I'm excited to see progress!!