Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Miss Brecklynn

This little girl isn't so little anymore. Man that makes me so sad!! She's well on her way to being a full on toddler. She is a full fledged walker now. I am so sad I never caught her real wobbly stage on video. I guess that comes with kid number 3.

She talks and talks and talks non-stop. She swears she knows what she saying too. She's all about her siblings. Wherever they are, she is too and interacting fully with them more and more. She loves teddy bears lately. Its hilarious. She gets excited over new things. We just decorated for Halloween (I know don't judge me) and she was freaking out and screaming over every new decoration on the wall.

I am attempting to sleep train her. I know I'm asking for it with it being they are all still in the same room, but her getting up 4 times a night at 14 months, is RIDICULOUS!! So its been way long nights lately but I'm hoping it will work soon. I feel bad for Cambree and Ridge. They come out and tell me to get her and they sometimes end up sleeping on the couch because they can't handle her full on screaming. I just hope this works. I need to start sleeping more.

Brecklynn continues to eat EVERYTHING!! She amazes me with her appetite. She seriously can eat more than Cambree and Ridge combined. Seriously its so funny.

She loves her daddy. She's gets so excited when he gets home. He loves to chase her and throw her on the bed. Its like 'their' time. The bed is play zone for her.

She loves being outside with Cambree and sitting in her stroller for literally hours. She enjoys it.

She I think has said her first word-Momma but I don't think she comprehends it at all. However she knows 'shoes' and she says it too. Cracks me up. She loves shoes too. If she finds a pair of hers she insists on wearing them. I think we have another shoe lover coming about.

This was her Sunday. Loved how she looked. She actually left in her hair. We were surprised since she is all about tearing it out ASAP. She is so stink'n cute.

Ridge's 3rd Birthday and update

I cannot believe its already time for Ridge's 3rd birthday. Mind you, he hasn't let me forget but it still seems to have come on so fast!!

Ever since Cambree and Brecklynn's birthdays, Ridge has been begging for his birthday. And he has also told me for the longest time that he wanted an Ironman birthday. Everytime we go to the store and he sees something that he wants, he lets me know he wants it for his birthday. So its been quite a fun time leading up to his birthday. Now I know his actual birthday isn't until this coming Saturday on the 25th, but we celebrated a birthday at the Allen's Sunday as that is tradition to do it the Sunday before.

So here is the Ironman cake I came up with. It was so difficult to figure it out and I tried a stencil on there with something I found online, but man that wasn't working. So eventually I just had to free hand it. It was a bit dark at first because of all the black and I just put blue sprinkles in the eyes to lighten it up. I think it turned out better than I could have hoped for and Ridge recognized it was Ironman which is all I could ask for :)

All day Sunday he knew we were doing a birthday for him that evening and he just couldn't wait. He's definitely old enough now to understand and appreciate what his birthday really is. So he knew it was after church and naps and then we'd go to Nana's for his birthday. We get to Nana's and Ridge throws a fit since we are celebrating it RIGHT THEN. Funny. Eventually after we ate, we started his birthday
Can you see the sheer joy on this little boys face

Gifts he got

One of his favorites:

I cracked up at one point as we were about to leave because Ridge was in the toy room with all his new toys around him and he would just look at each one in the cutest way. It was cracking me up. Then I told him we needed go home. He replied "So I can open my presents" and I told him of course. He has never been so eager to leave.

When we got home we opened his train set while watching Ironman. Brecklynn turned into the pesky little sibling/monster and kept taking and tearing apart the train. Ridge was struggling so bad with it. Was so funny to watch.

But he did get to make it and loved playing with it. I think it was a perfect gift for him.

Now for a quick update on Ridge. He loves being Ironman all the time. He is constantly fighting anyone who will give him a chance. My mom got him an Ironman costume for Halloween and while he was there, refused to take it off and loved wearing it every second. So I am excited to see him at Halloween. We aren't getting it out here for fear he won't want to take it off :)

He loves preschool. He is so stink'n smart. He can say the entire pledge of allegiance, and recites a lot of our routine poems by heart. Cracks me up to hear this little boy saying them. He loves to color.

He is still struggling with potty training alone. I mean he is potty trained but we made the mistake of teaching him to begin with that he could go outside on the grass and he got into the habit and when we tried to curb it, he started having accidents because he doesn't like going in the toilet. He's slowly getting better. Hopefully with a little more time he'll be better.

He loves to dance and play with Cambree. The things he comes up with to say is amazing to me. His favorite phrase as of late is "I'm not your friend". He even says it to Curtis and I if he gets in trouble.