Thursday, July 23, 2009

Introducing.....our new addition Brecklynn Shea Allen!!!

I cannot believe she is already here!! I was ready for her to be here but was suprised when the time actually came. So here's the story...its long sorry.

I went to my Dr. appt on Monday already having contractions about 5 minutes apart but not getting over excited just yet. The Dr. stripped my membrane but also said they wanted to go ahead and induce me because of my high blood pressure and the issue with my inflamed gall bladder. They wanted me to go that day but I asked if I could go Tuesday just to be able to plan. I was also hoping to still go on my own because I hate being induced. Well to my great surprise, my contractions kept going. About 6:00 that night, I was having them about 4 minutes apart and my Dr. had scared me into making sure I went soon enough since I was strep B positive (yuck). So we went in but I was so scared they would still send me home. We went in, they got me set up and they checked me and I was a 4. They started me on the antibiotics and we realized it was the real deal. My sister-in-law, Sara ended up being there as well in labor. Very ironic. We had joked our entire pregnancy about going into labor together. She is actually due a week after me. So we enjoyed walking the halls together and all the nurses in the hospital loved watching us walk together. Kind of nice having company like that. Well she opted to get the epidural so she was confined to her bed after awhile and I was trying to go without so I continued to walk alone for awhile. I was so determined. They tried to break my water and for some reason it was extremely hard to do. It actually took them 3 tries and they were 3 extremely painful tries. I continued to walk and did so until almost 5 am in the morning getting to a 7 on my own, but I was so extremely tired by that point that I gave in and said I would take the epidural. After I got it, I was actually able to sleep for about 45 minutes and then things started to progress. Funny thing, my sister-in-law and I was pretty much in sync the entire time. When I was a 7, she was a 6 and so on. Well we actually went complete the exact same time. Our poor Dr. didn't quite know what to do. It was a little funny at the end 'fighting' who would deliver first. The Dr. checked me and asked me to try pushing and then I pushed her out in 3 pushes- shocked everyone. I was so shocked that she was a girl. I couldn't believe it. I was so sure it was going to be a boy. The Dr. then literally ran down to my sister-in-law and she delivered 24 minutes later, a little boy. So first cousins born down the hall 24 minutes apart. So fun.

I was so tired after delivering but there was such an excitement with everything that there was no time to sleep. I actually suffered with an epidural head ache that made me extremely nauseous. I did get to have my kids come down and see Brecklynn. Cambree and Ridge were so cute. Cambree was so excited to see and hold her new sister. It was an amazing feeling to see all my kids together. Ridge handled her very well and actually loved holding her and giving her kisses. My mom and dad did take them back to Phoenix so that I could recover so I really appreciate it.

I am not sure who Brecklynn looks like. Her hair is way lighter then Ridge or Cambree, but she has the chunky cheeks like Ridge and Cambree. We had an extremely hard time getting her awake to eat for the first 24 hours, but now she is a pro. Its fun doing this all over again and I hope I can adjust to yet one more child. Luckily I do have a few days to get some sleep before getting all 3 kids. I am excited to dress her up and put bows in her hair and show her off. I love her to death.

My mother-in-law has better pics of us walking the halls, but this one at least shows us in labor together :)

Notice the hair....

I couldn't believe we caught this. So cute.

Ridge prepping for a kiss

Cambree truly loving her sister

Just delivered

Our first family photo. I look 'lovely'. I was suffering from a major headache from the epidural and was extremely nauseas. But oh well. Weird to see our little family of 5. CRAZY!