Monday, September 20, 2010

Cambree update

Its been some time since I've done an actual update. So figured with some fun pics, I would give a brief synopsis of what's been going on with her.

She is seriously a 4 year old going on 20. Her personality and ATTITUDE is far beyond her years!! She always is cracking me up with the things she comes up with to say. Lately she has been saying a lot in accents that is amazing to listen to.

She started gymnastics a couple weeks ago and I was so worried about how she would react. First day she cried for the first couple of minutes and insisted I stay the whole time. But she warmed up real fast. She's a fireball. Since I teach preschool, she doesn't get away from me much so she desperately needs this outside interaction. Last week, she went all by herself. I think we've really found something that she might love which makes me so excited.

She is all about coloring and drawing and is quite the artist. She can whip out a drawing that I swear a 7 year old drew. She is amazing. She colors in the lines and very well. She loves to write too. Just have to get her to write what I tell her too ;)

She has an amazing memory. You tell her anything and she will remember it forever. We told her recently that we will go to Disneyland in January after Halloween and Christmas. She is constantly repeating that-word for word in fact. She remember things that I completely forget I've told her.

She loves her little sister. Her and Ridge play these games 'with' her where Brecklynn is attacking them and they run and scream and its hilarious to watch. Especially now with Brecklynn starting to understand a bit and actually coming after them and screaming.

The other night Tesia came over for a bit and somehow got to messing with Cambree's hair. Cambree was loving it. She kept running into my room to see the new hair do and then running out and asking for a new one. Was quite funny to watch. Her hair is getting so long that you can do a lot more with it.

An update on her nail situation-I cannot tell if there has been improvement as of yet. She has lost 4 nails (of those that were already going bad) recently. They are still pretty gross but I have hope still that they will heal up soon. We'll see.