Saturday, December 10, 2011

Chimmy our elf and Meikle Christmas party

This year, we decided to start a new tradition. We brought 'Elf on the Shelf' to our house. Many people have started it over the past couple years. This year, there was a movie made it about it. My kids loved it!! Well the next morning our new little elf came to our house. The kids were so excited. He wrote a letter to them and asked them to name him and left them a little something special. Know what his name is? They all agreed upon 'Chimmy'. Every night he reports to Santa on how they are doing with being good. The rules are you can't touch him and he can't talk back but he's always watching. He moves every night when the kids are asleep. Its been so fun for them to get up and try to find him. We love to remind the kids when they aren't behaving...that Chimmy is always watching. Its worked quite well for the most part :)

Here is one of the spots he found one night

And another

Last Saturday we had the Meikle and McKnight family party. The kids loved it. We made gingerbread houses and had a gift exchange.

We had teams to make the gingerbread houses

This was ours.

This was Curtis'...rather gruesome if you look at it closely :)
The official judges

We then headed to the McKnight party. Here's Brielle with Great-Grandma McKnight

Great way to start off the season. We had another party last night with Curtis' family. Wasn't feeling the greatest so didn't grab too many pictures, but that was fun too. Can't believe its 2 weeks till Christmas!!