Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kid update with sweet ending!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Preschool Halloween Parties!

Today was the wonderful Preschool Halloween Parties. I have been stressing over it because its the first time doing 2 parties back to back. I was EXHAUSTED by the end- and quite frankly- so were all my kids.

So here is just before the parties started. Tesia showed up near the end of the first party and didn't even recognize Cambree at all. Cambree loves her hair!! She calls it her Hocus Pocus hair.

Ridge of course loves his Ironman costume. Despite not being able to hold things or do all the crafts, he insisted on wearing everything!! (including his gloves).
Brecklynn ran over after I took the pics of Ridge and Cambree and stood where they were. Cute!! This is a stance she does a lot lately. She crouches down like she's 'going to get you'. She'll wear her costume tomorrow :)

So here's the first party. All the kids were so cute in their costumes.

I had 3 wonderful mom helpers for the first class and they all came up with something to do. This is a marshmallow toss.

Here are all the girls in the first class (notice Cambree's RED lips :)

As part of one of the prizes, they all got dracula teeth. They were a huge hit. Ridge LOVED his teeth!

Best friends Charly Jae and Cambree and they're lovely teeth

This was in between the two parties. I was already exhausted but we got all ready for party number 2
I asked Ridge for an Ironman face- this is what I got

We tried to do doughnuts on a string and letting them eat. It was a great idea in theory. It was melting and the kids wouldn't really do it etc. So we know not to do it next year.
Ridge LOVES his cookies

This is the second class- minus Cambree. We sang songs for the parents at the end and this is them getting ready.

It was a great party at the end. I am glad it is done. I am SO tired and there was quite the mess to clean up but kids had fun. Cambree and Ridge CRASHED after the parties and were crying and whining and just a mess. They all crashed and crashed hard. So we're done and on to cleaning the costumes for tomorrow. YEAH!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Life as I know it!

This was Sunday night. I love days and times like this. The kids had been dancing and playing with each other for the last couple hours. Curtis and I loved sitting and listening to their conversations and imaginations. At the end of the evening, Curtis finished it off by reading them all books. I loved it.

Ridge cracks us up with how he goes to the bathroom. Its been amazing to watch. I swear his bum touches the water but he says it doesn't. Its really really funny to see.

We've been so busy that its been nice to take a step back and enjoy life's little moments.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Basement Pour and walls!

Well things are officially underway with the basement. Its been super exciting to watch things happen on the house. Curtis has been a giddy boy getting up at 5:30 to go watch things take place.

This is the cement pump they used to pour the ground. Ridge loved watching it!!

This picture is out of place, but this is the wall materials on the cement pad.

This was all of the kids watching.

Later that evening, we went down and actually did our first walk on the basement floor. The kids though, were having more fun running up and down the dirt slopes then walking on the cement.

Brecklynn found her own little 'sand pit' where the bathroom plumbing goes.

This was yesterday. The walls were put in place and cement poured in them. Things are starting to take place. We have had some major issues with measurements and such and we are now moving the plumbing from where it was originally to another location to give the kids more room in their rooms.

This shows you how small the rooms would have been if we left it. There's Ridge's room on the left, bathroom in the middle and the girl's room on the right.
Cambree 'playing' in her room.
Ridge showing off his room.

Ridge was getting so upset at Brecklynn and Brecklynn was getting upset with Ridge for stopping her from playing. He was mad that she was ruining his bathroom. :)

Ridge showing off his 'new toilet'

Now we are moving the plumbing over, and we will wait about a week and a half for the walls to dry and then we'll get moving again. Its been fun to go down every day to see the new changes.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fair Day- a bit late :)

These pictures are backwards and I can't fix them without a lot of problems. So you'll have to look at it backwards. This is a bit late, but there's been A LOT going on.

On Friday my parents came down for Fair Day to join in the festivities. Cambree got to be a part of the parade in gymnastics so it was a bit exciting for us.

The parade started at 10:00 and we got there about 9:15 to get Cambree settled and us a spot. It was a bit hot but we still enjoyed.

This is Ridge after the parade. This parade is famous for advertising and candy. Its like a pre-Halloween. Can you see how happy this little boy was with his loot. He wouldn't let anyone hold it for him. He insisted on walking it (very slowly) back to the car.

Can you find Cambree.....she did awesome. She was happy and waving to everyone. I was so proud of her.
Here's a better shot of the whole float. There were SO MANY kids on that thing.

Tesia came with her roommates and they all helped Ridge get his candy.

Brecklynn couldn't stop pointing at EVERYTHING. I love her little finger.

She was so proud to sit in Ridge's chair.
Not sure what happened to this picture but this is Ridge waiting for the parade.

It was a fun day and we enjoyed my parents visit. I love these things about small towns.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Basement is dug!

Curtis and his dad started digging the basement last weekend. After digging all day and figuring out how much was left, they decided to hire it out.

Tuesday the big front end loader tractor rolled in. It was so much fun to sit and watch this thing go. The kids loved it as well. It moved so much dirt so quickly. On the way, the tractor found an old septic tank and an old sepage (sp) well. It went down about 20 feet. The person digging said he had only seen one other one ever and none like this one. So that was kind of cool to see.

We couldn't get down and get a picture of the whole thing but this is what we could see. It goes down about 10 feet from here.

Here's the final product.
This just shows how big this thing is. Curtis looks so small :)

After the tractor was done, all the dirt around bascially turned into moon sand. I tried to walk in it and it was like snow coming up above my ankles. It was SO SOFT. "Little" the dog, loved playing in it along with all the kids.

Monday the 18th is when everything really starts rolling. I'm excited to see progress!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

BIG News!!

So I am so excited!! We are officially building our house. This has been a long time coming and its finally here. I need to actually get better updated pictures because we now have the basement dug. The 18th is the magic date because our contractor pulls on site and starts to knock it out.

Many have asked where we are building. Those familiar with Thatcher will understand-others well you'll have to come and see for yourself :)

We are building off of College St. behind his parents lot. Its a narrow lot so we've had problems designing the home we wanted, but we've come up with something I think we are going to love. It does have a basement and I will have a room for my preschool finally. I am super excited. One big disappointment and hard thing is that we are moving out of our ward. We've really grown to love our ward. Its the first ward we've really gotten to feel apart of. So that is definitely going to be hardest thing for us. But we are excited for the change. We are looking at February/March to be done and moving in. And with things finally starting to happen, time should start to fly. I'll post updates as they come as I am going to be excited to share. So enjoy this first little bit.

The dirt on the lot is literally sand. The kids LOVE playing in it and Brecklynn really took to getting dirty head to toe.

Ridge and Cambree already know where their rooms are and tell everyone who comes by where their "Ironman" and "Dot" rooms are and they are always begging to sleep there tonight ;)

I love this picture. They are all about the whole process.

SO- that's the big news. I'm excited and hope you are too. We'll actually be able to entertain guests and parties when this is done!!