Sunday, January 29, 2012


We just got back from our Allen family Disneyland reunion trip. We had a BLAST! It was so much fun having that time with the family. My kids have been literally counting down since before Christmas.

We left last Tuesday and travelled all day to get to our hotel room. We enjoyed the first evening in the pool and the kids seriously couldn't wait till the next morning to go. They got up at 5 (in the hotel room). It was so hard for them to contain their energy in that room. We finally headed over with his whole family to Disneyland.

Here are the kiddos all ready for the fun to begin. Yes I made their shirts :) I couldn't see myself paying $20 or even $30 for shirts so made some.
Cousin Ava

We didn't get to see too many characters but we did see Mary Poppins and Bert.

They were celebrating Chinese Lunar New year

Ridge refused most rides...including tea cups. We did force him on most though. Brecklynn LOVED almost every ride. So amazing to see the difference

Second day, we all wore our Allen shirts. There was a crowd of 41 of us. We enjoyed getting into the park earlier to get some of the busier rides done early.

Do you see her two teeth? Cute!!


Here's all the grandkids that attended. We were missing quite a few still too. Oh and GG (the kids Great Grandma) attended this year. What a special unique experience.

The Allen brothers...with April- no further explanation needed

Our cute happy family

I got this same picture two years ago so had to snap it again

The favorite ride by far was the new Ariel ride. We rode it probably 20 times. The kids LOVED it.

Ridge kept doing this to all his boy cousins....kind of concerning :)

The boys tricked GG onto Space Mountain. They told her it was a hay ride.

Cambree agreed to go on Tower of Terror. In this picture she is smiling. But that was the last time she smiled. She hated it. I love that all her uncles are looking at her :)

This is the end of the Ariel ride. Ariel is waving to everyone and EVERY time....Brecklynn had to wave and insisted everyone with her did as well. Super cute.

It was a lot of fun. The kids are already talking about when we get to go again. Brielle was wonderful the whole trip which was amazing. Thanks Steve and Pat for a wonderful trip filled with many memories!