Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cambree- my blond bombshell!!!???

So my mother-in-law bought this wonderful wig and a new little play dress that Cambree just so happened to find. I didn't think she would love it as much as she does. She is HILARIOUS in it. She purposely bounces around to see her curls move and loves to look at herself in the mirror to see herself. As we were leaving we told her to take everything off...well she came out in her underwear and the WIG!!! She thought she was entitled to that wig and it was now hers. We couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. She calls it her Hanna Montana hair. Just thought I would share this piece of joy for the day :)

Update on Ridge

First, thanks to everyone who posted advice and support on what I could try or what it could be. I really appreciate it. After many discussions, especially with my mom, I decided to really try the theory of teething once more. Monday was the first day I started him on a true regimen of tylenol and ibprofen and finally found the boy I once knew. Its amazing how medicine can really change someone's behavior. I can tell when he is due for more medicine because he begins to go back to what he was doing (crying all the time). His hands are constantly in his mouth and he is sticking out his tongue all the time so I now know it really is teething. I am hoping he'll get these teeth in soon so I can get him off of the medicine regimen and just have my happy boy back for good. 

As for all those worried about his speech- thanks for all your advice in that department. He got ear tubes when he was a year old after chronic ear infections so speech will just come later I am sure. I have started teaching him SOME vocab in sign language but I am not knowledgeable enough to teach him too much more but will keep trying it. He is SLOWLY picking up more and more words so hopefully time will help that. 

So hopefully my next few posts will be happier and more about events in my life. Again I appreciate all the support and help I got from you all. Thanks