Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cowboy Ridge

For awhile now, Ridge has been wanting some boots. Well after he started to wear some 'boots' that were Cambree's, Curtis decided to go get him some boots of him own. Now mind you- Curtis has a soft spot for his little boy. I would have gone to Walmart and bought him some $13 boots. That was expensive enough for me. :) Not for Curtis, he couldn't settle for fake. He went and got him real cowboy boots. Whatever :)

But Ridge LOVED them immediately. He wanted everyone to see him with his boots and we got down a cowboy hat that he's had but had no interest in it till now. Now its all he cares about. He's had them for about 2 weeks now and he wears them EVERYWHERE, even to bed. It cracks me up. He even call himself Cowboy Curtis.

Admiring his boots

This was him going out at night in his pjs- hat and boots and all.

Its cute. I'm glad he loves them. I just worry when he grows out of them and wants more...I'm not going to get him real ones again ;) But he is a cute cowboy.

Basement Framed and We've got STAIRS!!

This past week has been some great progress in the basement. All the wall were formed up downstairs and the stairs were put in with all the dirt back-filled against the basement. It is so cool to start to truly visualize the layout of things. The basement is HUGE!!

We took the kids over yesterday and the kids LOVED the stairs and loved running room to room and ontop of the basement.

Here's Ninja Cowboy Ridge.
Cambree showing off the new stairs

Curtis is at the base of the stairs here and to the left is a large room where the toy room will be.

Here's on top of the basement with the new floor covering on. The kids loved the sound it made when they would run on it.

Brecklynn climbing the stairs.

There's some more going on today and they should start getting the upstairs framed up in the next week or so. So cool!!