Saturday, January 9, 2010

Funny Stories

I just have to document some funny moments we've had lately.

A couple Sundays ago, Curtis and I were telling Ridge how cute and handsome he was. He started crying and saying no he 'wusn't'. I finally asked him what he was then and he said 'um I a dinosor'. After that point, if we told him he looked like a dinasaur, he would just smile so pleased.

We were in the car in the Walmart parking lot leaving. There was a car in front of us taking their time. Well out of no where Cambree goes "that stink'n car needs to move". I couldn't believe what she was saying. I asked her again what she said and she repeated it again and followed it up with "that stink'n car" like she was frustrated. Just caught me off guard.

Ridge's vocaublary grows daily but it cracks us up all the time how he says things. I want to try to write them how he says them

He calls Brecklynn, "ba-bwekwynn" as in Baby Brecklynn
Firetruck, biretruck
Tractor, trrActur
Cereal-cureal almost like surreal
Little- our in-laws dog wittle
Incredibles- incwebles

When we tell him to smile- he closes his eyes and does a closed mouth smile. If we say "show us your teeth" then he'll open his eyes and give us a smile.
Whenever we say "I love you Ridge" he just knows to say "I wub you too".

Just had to write this down some place before I forget. These moments go too quickly!