Monday, September 21, 2009


Today is one of those days that has gotten me thinking about my kids and motherhood. Today Brecklynn is 2 months old (another post to come updating that). But with that, I had some time today to sit and reflect on my kids. I was trying to remember Cambree at 2 months old. I believe I can remember what she looked like, her cry, etc but I am starting to forget when I thought at that time, I would never forget. There are things that happen almost daily where I think, I hope I never forget this. I will be watching Ridge do his funny walk across the room and hoping I will remember his funny personality. I am hoping I'll remember Brecklynn's first smile, Cambree's endless expressions etc. and I start to panic. We are told (almost in a consoling way) by older people, that this is just a phase and it will pass soon enough. At times those words will seem to be a comfort-especially at church with every kid crying etc. but then I have pretty much every other time where I almost wish I could stop time and spend time with them a little more and take one more mental picture of how they are. I find myself sometimes wishing the next phase/stage would come quicker but then I start to really think of what that means-my kids are getting older. Its scary for me to think Cambree is 3 1/2. I have a 3 1/2 year old. I have 3 kids!!

I feel absolutely terrible about the fact that I don't take more pictures of my kids because I do worry about forgetting these times. I feel even more terrible about not video taping more to capture those priceless moments on camera. I wish I would have a mental journal that would automatically write itself for me to read later with all their funny little stories that come daily.

It just makes me so grateful that I do live in this time where technology can help so much with this- i.e. BLOGGING!

I love my kids so much I I love them now and the way they are now. It makes me sick to think they aren't going to stay young like this forever. However I am excited to see what each growing day brings with them. I love being a mom and the trials, emotional rollercoaster, and joys it brings me daily. I just hope I can remember this especially during 'those' moments.