Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bunkbeds and Swimming Fun!!

So last week we decided it was time to set up the bunkbeds and begin the transition for Ridge from his crib to the bunk bed since we didn't know all it would entail. Cambree transitioned herself so we were worried about having to force Ridge over. We decided to get him a tractor comforter in hopes that would make him more excited about a 'big boy' bed. Funny enough, he hated the blanket when he first saw it. I think it frustrated him that it was only a picture and not something he could actually play with. At first he still wouldn't sleep on the bed but after I took apart the crib and made it look unusable, he took to his new bed quite easily. It's weird to think that I have an almost 3 year old and 20 month old in bunk beds. Just doesn't seem right. Now I am dealing with the constant playing at naps and night time since they are both mobile, but it's nice to have this taken care of so soon before delivering. They're growing up so big :)

This past week my in-laws decided to break out their pool for the grandkids to play with. Ridge has been against the water up until now. Hates getting in the jacuzzi or even a small pool. However, he was excited to play in this pool. It's just the right size for Cambree. She can walk around all by her self and she loves it. We spent several hours, several days in it and it was great entertainment. They loved it more with all their cousins sharing in the fun.

Here's the first time in the pool. Even cousin Ecksen joined in the fun. So cute.

All of the Evan's kids and Cambree 

First Time Fishing

Last Saturday we joined Sara and Darren up at Mt. Graham for some fishing. It was the first time the kids were exposed to it and they loved it. They both enjoyed holding the poles and Cambree even caught her very own fish. It was a great, fun day. Thanks Sara and Darren for letting us crash your family day and enjoy that time. The weather was perfect and a nice break from the heat. It was a lot of fun.

Cambree's first fish. They couldn't get over looking at touching the fish. 
Here's Cambree touching the fish. 
Both kids 'fishing' without a hook or bait, but they didn't care!!

Ridge and his Uncle Darren. He loves his Uncle Darren and sometimes I swear he is really Darren's kid. They have a really cute bond/relationship. 
Enjoying a dirty oreo