Monday, February 8, 2010

What a week!!

Below is just some interesting-fun picks of the kids. They're so crazy. I wanted some good pics, and this is what I got. Oh, well its them :)

AAAHHh!! Its been a week! So just for kicks and giggles later on, I would like to document it. Going through it wasn't very fun, but later on, it will be fun I'm sure.

Monday it rained. And rained hard. This always makes preschool so much more difficult. First off, kids just seem to be off their game on rainy days. On top of that though, there is the coats, and the shoes that have to come off because of the mud. Then in the end, coats have to go back on and shoes as well. Figuring out whose shoes are which and helping each kid putting their shoes on, get their back packs and yadda yadda. Just adds so much chaos. I always hate these days because it looks like I am out of control. Hate it.

So Cambree has been struggling with what I figured to be a UTI for about 3 weeks now. Well after much frustrations, I finally decided to just get her in to the Dr. despite the fact that I don't have insurance. First off, I decided to try first to figure it out for me at home. My mom helped me find a home test at the store. We tried it and of course it was inconclusive so we ultimately got her in. We went in and waited about 1/2 hour in the waiting room with all three kids. Of course with a UTI you have to get a sample. So once we get in the back they ask if they could get one. Its impossible to get a 3 year old to go on demand. So we ended up having to leave with a cup just to have to bring it back. So we had to run it back up later on. Well it was too late to find out that day so had to wait for the next day to come around.

So the next day we started treating Cambree for her UTI but it was with pills so I had to start the process of figuring out how to get her to take it. Took a few tries, but we eventually got it figured out.

On Thursday, our sink stopped working. In that, I mean it stopped draining. I was trying to wash my dishes and it just stopped. Now for those that don't know, we don't have a dish washer and no we don't have a disposal. So its already hard enough. Well after about 2 hours, the sink finally drains, leaving a complete mess in the sink. We tried to put drain-o down it, and one other clog cleaner of some kind. Didn't work. So three days later, and washing my dishes in the tub, and figuring we were in trouble, we snaked it. DISGUSTING!!! This house is old and it must have been major build up, but man was it disgusting. But it did work thankfully. What a joy it is to have my sink back.

Sunday, I woke up at 2 am miserable. At first, I thought it was food poisoning. My stomach was killing me. I was up from then on just so sick. I was throwing up all morning. About 1 pm I finally stopped throwing up, but then the attack of body aches started. It seriously felt like needles were poking me everywhere. I couldn't sit or stand or lay down with being in pain constantly. It was terrible.

Here is some other info from this week- Brecklynn is everywhere!!! She scoots and rolls everwhere. She prefers to be on the ground now. Still working on sitting up. She seems to really have no desire to sit up. She'll sit for about a minute and then throw herself back and be done with it. She's my latest sitter yet. Kind of frustrating!! She also REFUSES to eat baby food. I have tried every kind out there and she dry heaves, gags everything!! She prefers only table food and even that is very little. Not sure what I am going to do with her.
Ridge, is Mr. Copycat lately. Everything Cambree does, he does, whatever she says, he says. Quite funny. Ridge has also discovered formula again. I am constantly trying to get Brecklynn to switch over to formula. Well the other day, Ridge saw her bottle and begged to try it. I thought it would teach her a lesson by letting him try it. WRONG!! He loves it. Since then, I have caught him countless times sneaking it into his room and drinking it. SICK!!!

Well that's my week. Written down it's not that crazy but living in it was crazy.