Thursday, December 2, 2010


Uh- I am just slacking lately on blogging. I feel like I am going a mile a minute with no breather. But, I wanted to get these couple posts done so that I really focus on the next thing on my checklist.

Last Wednesday, we had our preschool Thanksgiving party. Though it was simple-it still wiped me out :) The kids enjoyed the feast we had and the silly hats.

Thursday-well I was a loser and never got pics at the Allen Thanksgiving. It was quite a site too. Everyone in the Allen crew was there. About 60 people were eating on these long tables and kids were literally everywhere. It was so nice to be able to watch the cousins enjoying each other and of course the brothers and their conversations.

Friday we got up and headed to my parents to visit with my Uncle Mark and Aunt Angie for a bit since they were in town. It was a really fast trip, but fun too. We took family pictures the next morning and then headed home.

Here's cousin Olivia with Cambree

I cannot believe that it is already done with and Christmas is right around the corner. I hope I can sit back and really enjoy it. Here's to the holiday season!!