Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Preschool Party #1

Had our first Halloween Party this morning. It was so much fun. The kids love that they get to have so many parties to go to :) 

This was Brielle this morning. So happy and so cute. No costume yet, that's tomorrow night but she still deserved a picture :)
 Captain America- this boy cracks me up. He begged us for a Batman costume and we got him one for his birthday. Well he decided yesterday to be what he was last year. Then he proceeds to say it's not dark enough for him to be Batman yet. So he might wear it for tomorrow's party. Who knows. 

 Ms. Snow White. She LOVES this costume. The black leotard looks silly under it but this morning it was 50 degrees outside and she was freezing. Its so weird to see her in this costume as compared to Cambree in the same costume 3 years ago. 
 She started to dance around and insisted I take some more pics. 

 One of the activities was a craft of marble pumpkin painting. Kids loved it. 

 The classic fangs. Every year these are a hit. I love that they love them.
 We played lots of games.

Then we decorated cookies and sang songs for parents. It was a good party. Excited for tomorrows. Its going to be a busy day with 3 parties back to back but that's what makes the day so fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

2 Fire Station Field Trips

This year we had 2 field trips to the Fire Station with both classes. Ridge was so excited about this. He is so smart too. Blew everyone away with his knowledge on fire safety. 

 This is almost the whole group. We are missing 2 kids from this class picture.

 Here's the second one. It was a bit larger of a group and a bit more vocal.

 We were lucky to have everyone in the group there and a few extras :)