Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet Sweet Uncle Billy!

Earlier this month, my sweet sweet Uncle Billy passed away. As I lay here awake thinking about him, I realize how lucky I was to get to know and be apart of such a special person's life. Billy was one of the sweetest people you could ever
 meet. He had such a passion, a love for such simple things in life. You could always count on him to lead the music at any family event or talent show, he would always have him 'boom box' with his head phones and rock out to the music for hours on end. He HATED lightening and thunderstorms, but loved Santa Clause (Ho ho ho). He loved holding babies, and he gave the best hugs. Thank you Grandma McKnight for bringing such sweet spirits to this family. They have blessed our family in so many ways. How neat to know that Billy is now with my Grandpa McKnight and Aunt Julie. I can't help but think of that primary song- ' I am a child of God'. I love you Billy!

 He chose to get baptized even though he didn't need to. It was such a sweet and special moment for our family!

 Billy's best friend Michael Black
 This is the last picture with my Grandma

 I LOVE this picture of Billy with my Grandma

 This is my sweet Grandpa McKnight. Now Billy is re-united with is dad.

Love you Uncle Billy.