Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cambree is in Kindergarten!!

I still cannot believe we are going on 3 days already of having a Kindergartener. Cambree has been looking forward to going for so long.

Last Friday we found out who her teacher is. Ms. Griffin. We also got to see that she knows at least 4 of her classmates already for church and preschool. So that was kind of fun. Monday was the Meet and Greet event where she got to see her room and meet her teacher. She cracked us up because she walks right into her room and says 'Hi Ms. Griffin'. It caught her teacher off guard and even said 'Well you know me, but I don't know you' and Cambree promptly added, 'I am Cambree Allen'. She was so comfortable.

Tuesday she was up early and so excited to go. She got dressed, helped me make her lunch and we of course had to start taking her first day of school pictures. Curtis had to take her alone because Brecklynn was still asleep. But he called me right after he did and said that she didn't look back at all and just went right into class.

I definitely had a harder time than she did. I was excited for her to go, but she is my hands and my help. I never realized how big of a helper she really is. I watched the clock all day and was so excited to pick her up and see how her day went. When we got her, the kids were so excited to see her. She was obviously tired. She even mentioned that she wanted to take a nap. But she said she had fun and likes a boy named Brandon in class. She couldn't really name off any girls except the ones she knew before school started, but she knew like 5 new boys. We're in trouble.

She loves school so far though. I am anxious for her to start getting into things at school and learning different things. Its so strange to think she is from here on out in school. I feel so old.

After I took out Cambree and Brecklynn with my friend, I attempted to go out myself with Ridge to get some pics. I was excited with some of the shots I got. I am just learning photoshop still which is a lot harder than I expected but I do like the outcome of the work. I just need to take more time to figure it out.

I still need to post about Brielle turning 3 months so I will hopefully get that soon. Tonight is my preschool open house so I have to rush and get all ready.