Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brecklynn 13 months

With school starting, I've gotten so bad at updating on here. But I had to take some time to update on this little munchkin. She is now almost 13 months. She just finally started to full on walk. Its been about 2 weeks but this week she is walking more than crawling. She is hobbling everywhere and is hilarious to watch her still figuring out her balance.

She is all about handing you things within her reach. She loves to carry things to you and laughs as soon as she gets it to you.

She loves lions and recognizes them and can do their sounds. I LOVE it. She can make the cutest sounds with it.

Books is STILL what she's all about. She could seriously read for hours if you let her.

We took her in for an appointment and she is extremely tall but weighs 18.5 pounds. They were a bit worried about her weight because that puts in her in the 5th percentile. The thing that gets me with that, she is like a garbage disposal. She could eat and eat and eat and eat. She LOVES food.

She has a squealer on her and is quite annoying. Even happy squeals are so ear piercing that its off the charts.

She is truly the easiest, most laid back baby. I love this little munchkin so much!!

Below is something she loves to do all the time. As soon as the fridge opens up, she is walking/crawling as fast as she can to get inside. Let her inside and she just loves to stand there. I really don't get it, but its cute!!