Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7 Years together! Happy Anniversary

This is late but its been a bit crazy lately to get this done before now.

I can't believe Curtis and I have been married for 7 years. It seems like only yesterday that we got married, yet at the same time it feels like its been eternity.

Our seven years have been so full of events. We've moved over 8 times, had 4 kids, had 5 cars, and our adventures continue. Its truly amazing to see how with 7 years we have grown closer and I love Curtis more now than the day I met him. We've had to learn a lot about each other and we've had a lot of trials but that's what has made us so strong.

I am truly so lucky to have such an amazing partner, husband and friend. He gets me and puts up with my antics and personality.

For our anniversary we didn't do too much but it was still a lot of fun. Having Brielle and her being only 2 weeks, we were really limited on activities. However, we were both itching to do something and get away. So Tesia and my mother-in-law graciously helped us with the 3 older kids so we could 'escape' to Mesa for a day trip. We had no big plans to do anything but it was a lot of fun. We listened to 90's music the whole time and laughed about growing up etc. We got a lot of running around done and just enjoyed being held to no real schedule. It was a perfect day.

So here's to many more anniversaries to come. I love you Curtis!!