Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Week with Brecklynn- lots of pics

These pictures are all out of order but my computer is being dumb so they'll have to stay the way they are. I can't believe its already been over a week since Brecklynn joined our family. In some ways it feels like a lot of longer and other times, it seems like just yesterday I was still pregnant. Crazy!! Its been a busy week and so here are some fun pics from the events leading up to now.

My mom came down for a couple of days with my sister Jarica to help me transition from two to three kids. It was great having them there and I really appreciate all they did for me. I felt a bit spoiled with them there.

My mom woke up with the kids and took them on walks in the morning before it got too hot.

Here is Baby Darrek, Sara and Darren's little boy. Isn't he so cute. He's Brecklynn's twin :)

Here was our first picture of them together. So funny. Brecklynn kept getting all over Darrek and Darrek wasn't liking it too much. I'm excited to see them grow up together and see how their relationship develops.

Here is Baby Grady. Rachel and Ty's baby. He was born in June so they are I believe 5 weeks apart. I'll have to get a better picture of all three babies sometime soon.

While I was still in the hospital, my parents took my kids to make it easier on my kids and us. So they weren't here for the huge 24th celebration and it was so hard to be apart of that without them, but it was still fun.

Here we are waiting for the fireworks to start. This is Pat, a family friend. Yes he's holding Brecklynn :)

Doesn't she look so cute!

This was actually earlier today. Ridge has been handling very well which was a great suprise. The only time I notice him getting jealous is when I nurse Brecklynn. Here I was feeding her and he wanted me to play tractors. I told him I would as soon as I was finished feeding her and before I finished, he fell asleep. I felt so bad but it was so cute at the same time.

Another cute asleep picture.

He's enjoyed all the baby items around the house. He also loves her pacifier but my mom has all those pics so I'll get those later.

On Sunday, my parents brought the kids home to us and Ridge was in a cranky mood. The only thing we could find to distract him was youtube videos of tractors. He couldn't stop yelling tractor etc. So cute.

My family all came to meet Brecklynn. This is my brother Connor.

Here is my brother Jaymon, and his fiance Shantay(yes they just got engaged on the 25th and we are very excited to have her in the family).


My dad



My mom has many more pics than me. I am already starting off bad by not taking as many pictures as I did with my first two. I hope I can be better about that.

Breckylnn is the best little baby. She never cries unless she's hungry. She's probably my best eater so far. I am truly blessed to have 3 beautiful kids.