Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cambree's 4- Holy Cow...!!!

I cannot believe that Cambree is 4! Well I can because she wouldn't let me forget :)

We had to cancel her planned birthday at my mom's with my sister Chelsie making her birthday cake, so I had to scramble to come up with a cake and figure out some kind of party.

Cambree sat with me on Thursday afternoon and picked out pictures of what kind of cake she wanted. I was surprised that she actually had a true opinion on what she wanted. So the one below somewhat resembles what she wanted. I tried :) She put her old princesses on there and I had to laugh because they are obviously used. Colored on, scuffed etc. But they were cleaned.

Cambree insisted on helping with the cake and was even more proud of the end result. Love this impromptu pose.

So on Saturday, she woke up and immediately started on that it was her birthday. She insisted on waffles for her birthday breakfast. She settled for pancakes but loved that she got to blow out a candle in the morning. Even better we let her open 2 presents. A tutu outfit for her to wear for her birthday, and a watch.

All day she kept asking for the rest of her birthday. We had to keep telling her it wasn't until later. Nana came over with a nice gift for her and she loved it. It was a huge door banner that was meant to say "Happy Holidays Princess" but she was so smart and changed it to Birthday. Perfect for Cambree.

We had planned on doing a small barbecue for her birthday and have her gifts and cake at that time. It was amazing how quickly the numbers jumped from the original 6 people to over 25. It was great but it was kind of funny. Cambree got a huge party. She made out awesome. It was a lot of fun too.

So here's the set up. We obviously couldn't fit everyone in our house so we did it outside.

Here's the door hanging and Cambree loving her new outfit.

Pat showed up with this gift for her and she was ready to start opening. She was so excited to get that.
She cracked everyone up with her opening of the gifts. She made all kinds of faces with each gift like it was the best one and then would literally throw it on the ground and look for the next.

She's going to have one more to make up for the missed one at my parents so there's more of this fun to come :)

So now she's 4. Makes me truly feel very old. Next is 5 and off to school. CRAZY!! Happy Birthday little girl. Love ya!!

Poor Ridge

So most of you know that Ridge was stung by a scorpion on Thursday. Well he did recover pretty good. However, he's been suffering from nasty hives in reaction to the scorpion sting (I think). The weird thing about them is that they will disappear during the day (for the most part) and re-appear in the evening. Last night they were so bad that he had them on his eye-lids, lips, in his arm-pits, everywhere. Poor kid was itching like crazy. I have never seen anything like it.

Brecklynn is 10 months

I am really behind on this but as you all know, life has been a little hectic :)

But I didn't want to pass up this milestone. So here's the cutie. She is truly the best baby. I can't believe she is so close to a year old.

Some new things:

She loves drinking water out of a sippy cup. In fact if she sees a cup, she wants it and gets very upset if she doesn't get it.

She plays little games with you now and laughs at anything

She's got the cutest front teeth. They are cute now that is :) They've got a little gap that I'm told should close as she gets her other teeth in. Makes for some dang cute smiles.

She loves to stand on anything and attempt to 'walk'. She thinks she can at least.

She sleeps through the night!! YEAH!!! She's done it off and on since birth but its official-for now :) She also puts herself to sleep. Rarely will she fall asleep on me anymore. She prefers to go in her bed, play it out for a bit, and eventually fall asleep.

She wants to eat anything and everything. And I mean anything. I shouldn't give her half the things she wants but she loves it.

Cars are a new favorite toy. Especially the big ones. She pushes them everywhere!!

She is a huge daddy's girl. She loves her daddy. Whenever he gets home, she is crawling as fast as she can and panting like a dog till she gets to him.

When she smiles, she gives you a scrunched up nose.

She loves music and bangs her head to it. She also loves books. She will actually sit with me while I read the kids a book and seems to take it all in. She also loves to play with books.

She makes my day so much better with her little smiles and talking. She will talk to you all day. She never wakes up in a bad mood and its a joy to see her get up from her naps. I love this little girl so much!!

disclosure** I am still learning my new camera so you camera buffs out there, don't critique me too hard :)Besides these were impromtu pics and they were the most current I had of Brecklynn.