Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brecklynn's Bday and 24th Celebration! Lots of Pics

This is a long post full of pictures but what can I say? Its Brecklynn's 1st birthday and the big Pioneer Day celebration. So a lot has been going on which means a lot of pictures too.

Last Sunday Pat got the kids a cake to kick off their birthdays. I can't believe these 2 are already 1. I got them some cute birthday hats. I was shocked that they would leave them on.

Cambree and Ridge were such neat freaks about their first birthdays, that I never got any cute cake pictures. I was pleasantly surprised with Brecklynn

Today (the 24th) we actually celebrated their birthdays. It was perfect because everyone was down for the 24th celebration so we had a big party with family and friends. We had it at the Safford Pool.

Oh Curtis and Chad. Things never change :)

The Birthday girl. She ran a fever all day but tried so hard to be happy.

The birthday kids loving the water.

Cambree has become quite the fish. She taught herself how to swim. I mean full on swim. I was shocked when she showed me today.

Sara and I decided to do cake pops instead of cupcakes. I've made them before but for some reason they were so difficult this time round. Thankfully, my friend Rachel came to my rescue and helped me get them done. They were a hit.

Amber Daley and Sara Mack were some of the friends that came. It was so fun to have them all there for Brecklynn. Aren't they beautiful?

Brecklynn's 3rd cake of the week. Thought it turned out pretty cute

Look at Darrek's cake. It's got a picture of him driving his tractor. Very creative and super cute.

Brecklynn I think was just done with cakes by this point. She wouldn't even touch it. Her hands stayed up in that position for a long time.

Darrek loved his tractor stuff.

Brecklynn loved cake pop

Some more of our friends that came.

Around 5:30 we decided to head down to the 24th celebration in Safford. Of course that typical rain started. It always rains on the 24th. Well this year it was a bit ridiculous. It never drizzles and it continued. We were all soaked and it was muddy everywhere.

Ecksen loving the parade. He was so cute about yelling bye to ever float and getting all excited about the big trucks.

We were so soaked that we just left after the parade and got some food and took it back to Pat and Steve's to dry off. At 8:30 we headed out to at least catch the firework show. Curtis found the perfect spot. It was a great show too.

This was Ecksen's first fireworks show. He wasn't too sure about it.

Ridge loves fireworks. This smile was plastered on his face the entire time. Pure joy!!

This pile of kids was in the middle of the street. So cute. Look at Ridge. He loved it!!

It was such a fun day. Everyone was so tired by the end. I cannot believe Brecklynn is 1. Makes me so sad to think this past year went that fast. I love you Brecklynn!!