Friday, December 18, 2009

Polar Express Christmas Party! Lots of posts and pictures

So after days and weeks of planning, our trip to the Polar Express party finally arrived. I had been prepping the kids for awhile about this party and they were so excited. I was anxious about all the preparations for it. I really wanted it to feel like they were on a train as best I could :) So here is the set up:

I wanted to lay train tracks down on the sidewalk but completely ran out of time. Oh well :)

As they each arrived, they received a ticket to ride the Polar Express.

All Aboard the Polar Express!!

As the kids arrived, they all got their tickets and sat in their chair and colored Polar Express pictures. They all looked so cute in their pjs and they had each brought little blankies or teddy bears for the ride.

After the train was full, we read the polar express.

After the book was done, they left the train for a bit, to go on a scavenger hunt.

When they returned, the train had transformed into tables for them to enjoy chocolate milk and doughnuts.

Reindeer Food and Book Exchange

After our refreshments we made some magical reindeer food. The kids really got a kick out of this. We explained that just like Santa, the reindeer need something too to eat. So they each got to take some home to sprinkle on their lawn or rocks (or as one pointed out, on her dirt :) on Christmas Eve.

We then opened our gifts. I was surprised at how gentle and controlled they were with unwrapping their presents. It was very funny to watch them open their gifts.

Santa Visits us on the Polar Express!!

For the last event on the Polar Express, we started singing Jingle Bells when all the sudden the kids heard more bells coming from the kitchen. In came Santa and one of his elves. The shock on the kids faces was priceless. None were expecting it. The kids each got to sit on Santa's lap and he asked them if they believed in Santa and then gave them a silver bell necklace with a goody bag. Very fun!!

Carter was our only shy one this year and this pictures truly captured his attitude towards Santa. Santa tried to give him his things, and Carter wouldn't even look at him :)

This is our class picture!! We are losing 3 of our classmates this semester: Adam, Keiliana and Payton who isn't pictured. We will miss you guys.

Jaiden Andelyn Wyatt, Rylee, Cambree, Adam
Ridge, Keiliana, Dillon, Jacob, Haley, and Carter

Have a Merry Christmas and we'll see you next year!